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Mexico Grand Prix Betting Picks and Predictions

All eyes turn to Mexico this weekend, as the pinnacle of motorsport takes place in Central America.

The Mexico City Grand Prix, or Mexico Grand Prix as it’s more colloquially known, will occur this Sunday, 30 October, from 4:00 PM ET.

Red Bull has already wrapped up both titles for the year, however, there’s still plenty to play for, with Sergio Perez racing in front of a home crowd and better placed than ever to win in Mexico for the first time.

We look at the Mexico Grand Prix Betting Prediction ahead of the Mexico Grand Prix this weekend and offer our F1 expert picks based on the betting stats and trends across the F1 this year.

Mexico Grand Prix Betting Picks

Looking at the odds currently offered by major bookmakers on the Mexico Grand Prix, we can see that there’s one clear favorite to walk away the winner on the weekend, with several other drivers offering up stiff competition.

Here are our top three drivers to bet on Mexico Grand Prix Betting Prediction on this Sunday:

Max Verstappen

The clear favorite in this event is none other than Max Verstappen. Not only is Verstappen the Mexico Grand Prix defending champion and three-time winner, but he has also won an incredible 13 titles already this year.

Verstappen’s Performance

So dominant has Verstappen’s performance been in 2022, that with three races left in the calendar year, both the major titles are already wrapped up in Verstappen and Red Bull’s favor.

The Dutchman heads into this event having won the most recent United States Grand Prix, and seven of the past eight F1 races.

An Understatement

To say that the 25-year-old is the favorite in this event would be an understatement—he’s the overwhelming favorite, and anything other than a win for Verstappen here would be a shock.

With odds of -175, well ahead of the next closest driver on +500, it’s clear that this race is Verstappen’s to lose.

F1 Pick: (-175)

Charles Leclerc

Nipping at Verstappen’s heels, or at least providing the closest thing to competition that’s possible in the F1 at the moment, is Monacan Charles Leclerc.

The bookies are offering odds of +500 for Leclerc to win this race—significantly less than Verstappen’s odds, but still well ahead of the majority of the F1 pack. In the most recent race, Leclerc had a podium finish, coming in third at the United States Grand Prix.

F1 Standings

He currently sits second on the 2022 F1 standings, with three wins and 10 podiums putting him behind Verstappen.

Leclerc has proved that he has what it takes to win this year, and if Verstappen falters, Leclerc will be there to snap up the win.

F1 Pick: (+500)

Sergio Perez

The second equal in the favorites, but a clear first in the heart of the crowd this weekend, is Sergio Perez.

The Mexican native will be racing in front of a home crowd and is desperate to go two better than last year, where he finished the Mexico Grand Prix in third place to the elation of his fans and family.

As Verstappen’s Red Bull team mate, there is a question mark over whether or not Perez will receive any special treatment this weekend, due to the fact that this race means so much to him, and Verstappen has already locked up the championship.

Bookies have Perez at +500, where a win could move him into second place in the season’s overall standings.

F1 Pick: (+500)

Mexico Grand Prix Betting Trends

Looking at the Mexico Grand Prix Betting Prediction and betting trends ahead of this race, there are several important factors to consider before placing a bet.

Verstappen on a Roll

It’s undeniable that Verstappen is likely to win this race.

The Dutchman has cleaned up seven of the last eight events, won 13 this year, and already secured the title with three races left in the season.

Chances are, his strong form will continue as he looks to defend the title he won here in Mexico last year.

Hamilton is Right There

While Lewis Hamilton may not be having his best season, the reality is that he always brings his best to the Mexico Grand Prix.

Last year, Hamilton finished runner-up to Verstappen. In 2019, he won the race, something he’d already done in 2016 as well.

Hamilton’s Style

This is a course that suits Hamilton’s style, and while the f1 odds for the Brit winning are long at +1000, it wouldn’t be the worst bet to make.

The great going a whole season without a win is unheard of, and there are limited opportunities for him to capitalize now. Could this be it?

Home Crowd May Make the Difference

When Sergio Perez stood on the podium of the Mexico Grand Prix last year, his family and nation were ecstatic.

Imagine their jubilation if he were able to win this year. Chances are, this knowledge will motivate the Mexican, and may also influence the decision-making of his team.

Will Red Bull prioritize Perez over Verstappen because of what this race means to him? We will see on Sunday.

Mexico Grand Prix Betting Pick and Prediction

While the likes of Sergio Perez, Charles Leclerc, and Lewis Hamilton will offer stiff competition to Max Verstappen, it’s hard to see any other result occurring here except for another win to the Dutchman.

The 25-year-old has been in unbeatable form this year, and with odds of -175, it’s clear that he’s the most likely bet heading into the Mexico Grand Prix.

However, the healthy odds of +1000 being offered up for Lewis Hamilton might be worth a bet as well, on the outside chance that Britain’s best racer pulls one out of the bag here.

F1 Pick: Charles Leclerc (-175)

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