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Moto GP: Motul TT Assen Betting Picks and Predictions

As in most How to Bet on Moto GP top guides, diving deep into the background of a specific racing event is always one of the top strategies. As the Moto GP 2022 season unravels in Europe, the Motul TT Assen is one of the most anticipated races on the MotoGP Calendar. 

The MotoGP World Championship in the Netherlands is also referred to as the Dutch TT or TT Assen. This is due to the changes in terminology that swapped the GP, or Grand Prix, for TT, which stands for Tourist Trophy. 

The history of the Motul TT Assen competition is vast and well-known. However, the GP, more commonly known as the TT, started in the Netherlands in 1925 with the incorporation of the Dutch Grand Prix. 

The Motul TT Assen will now serve as the 11th official race on the MotoGP calendar. To many enthusiasts, fans, and experts, the Motul TT Assen is one of the ideal events for experienced drivers to make the most of their opportunity to show their driving skills and team enhancements. 

As the circuit and its history go, the track was built in 1955. Even today, the Motul TT Assen Circuit is known and commonly referred to as “The Cathedral” for motorcycle racing. 

Several changes were made to the track and the course itself in the last few decades to make it a more competitive course and one where drivers could make the most of their talent.

As for the track itself, the 6.049 km length has proven to be more than sufficient to keep drivers competitive. Before making any bets on Moto GP odds and the Motul TT Assen, make sure to make the most of all information available about the event. 

Motul TT Assen Picks 

Top picks are ready to show and prove why they remain some of the most important drivers in the competition for this year’s Motul TT Assen. As pointed out by How to Bet on Moto GP guides, looking at some of the strongest picks in the race is one of the top strategies in making your bets. 

Pick One: Fabio Quartararo

Fabio Quartararo, driving a Yamaha YZR-M1 for the Monster Energy Team, may stand as the driver with the highest odds of winning the Dutch MotoGP this year. This season, Quartararo has already achieved three victories in Germany, Catalunya, and Portugal. 

Furthermore, the Frenchman has maintained a strong level of driving throughout the entire competition. That is why he is still the favorite to win the MotoGP championship. 

His consistency supports this last statement after taking second place twice in Indonesia and Spain. Therefore, Quartararo, who now leads the MotoGP standings with 172 points, may be the best choice for this year’s Motul TT Assen and one of the top by Moto GP odds.

Pick Two: Aleix Espargaró

Aleix Espargaró is now ranked second in the MotoGP standings with a total of 138 points. After a solid victory in Argentina, Espargaró has already reached the top of the standings and is proven worthy and capable of pulling in solid wins. The Spaniard has also demonstrated that consistency remains one of the pillars for motorcycle racing competitions. 

Pick Three: Francesco Bagnaia

The Italian driver is now sixth in the standings with 81 points and is the one keeping the hopes up for all Italian drivers. Finishing overall number two in the 2021 MotoGP World Championship, Bagnaia remains one of the most solid picks for this year’s Motul TT Assen and MotoGP World Championship title. 

Motul TT Assen Trends 

Before making any wagers on the 2022 Motul TT Assen, specific trends allow fans and experts to make the most of every bet, as shown by Moto GP Stats.

  • Quartararo recorded the fastest lap at a GP in four of the last ten events. 
  • Italian Francesco Bagnaia has also recorded the fastest lap in three of the last four events. 
  • In six of the previous ten Dutch GPs, drivers sponsored by constructor Yamaha have won the Motul TT Assen.
  • For the 2022 season, a driver sponsored by Ducati has won five of the last ten events. 
  • In four of the previous ten Dutch GPs, drivers sponsored by constructor Honda have won the Motul TT Assen.
  • For the 2022 season, three of the last ten events have been won by a driver sponsored by Yamaha.
  • Marc Márquez is now part of an exclusive and elite list of drivers who have won the Motul TT Assen GP at least five times during their professional careers. 

Top Pick and Predictions

MotoGP betting tips still outline one driver above the rest of his competition. Quartararo, the 23-year-old Frenchman, should be everyone’s first choice for the 2022 Motul TT Assen. 

He not only leads the 2022 MotoGP World Championship standings, but El Diablo, or the Devil, as he has been recently nicknamed, is also the driver that won the 2021 Dutch GP last year. As a result, Quartararo should be the top pick for this year’s event.

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