NASCAR Truck Series: TSport 200 Betting Picks and Predictions

The NASCAR Sport 200 is an official NASCAR Camping World Truck Series that is set to take place this coming Friday, July 29.

It all starts on Friday when drivers hit the qualifying rounds at Lucas Oil Indianapolis Raceway Park in Clermont, Indiana. Once drivers run through the qualifying rounds, the race will begin that same evening. 

Being the first time since the event took place back in 2011 and the first playoff series event of the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series, expectations are high for the NASCAR TSport 200.

With top events around the corners, NASCAR betting and every number to back it up will serve as perfect grounds for fans to stay tuned to Friday’s event. 

NASCAR Truck Series: TSport 200 Potential Driver to Bet On

As drivers prepare to hit the grounds of the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series in Indiana, the TSport 200 Betting Picks is also heading before the start of the event.

Drivers are now also prepping for the 200 laps and the 137.2 miles that will cover the entire length of the NASCAR TSport 200. For bettors, it’s all about making the most of every pick before the race even begins.  

Zane Smith

Smith continues to dominate the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series standings by leading the pack with a total of 2037 points. Smith has had 16 successful race starts, from which he has been able to win three.

With a total of nine Top 5s and 13 Top 10 finishes, odds are all headed towards Smith as the top pick for the event. 

Smith Performance Recap

For now, there is no question Zane remains the top pick to take the entire NASCAR Camping World Truck Series championship title.

With over 347 laps led over the entire competition, it seems Smith will still need to face challenges this coming Friday.

Yet, he has every tool in his repertoire to overcome them and continue to dominate official events as part of the NASCAR 2022 schedule

Chandler Smith  

The number 18 ahead of Toyota is now just fifteen points behind the lead of the competition. For Chandler Smith, margins are tightening, and at this stage, it’s impossible to let go. Smith is now number two in the competition with 2022 points and two wins over the entire series. 

So far, Smith has been able to lead 145 laps and has recorded 11 top-10 finishes and seven top-5 finishes. With building momentum to top Zane in the upcoming events, it seems that Smith is in the right place and at the right time to fight for a win at Indiana on Friday. 

Ben Rhodes 

Ben Rhodes is not ready to let go. The number 99 at the wheel of another Toyota Truck is now ready to hit the racetrack, just 20 points behind the first spot and five points away from the second seed. 

Rhodes recorded his first official win at Bristol Motor Speedway for the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series at Bristol (Dirt) back in April.

Since then, Rhodes has attempted to keep a close eye on the top standings. Now with nine Top 10s and five Top 5 finishes, Rhodes’ eyes are on the upcoming event in Indiana. 

TSport 200 Drivers Winning Trends 

The official NASCAR TSport 200 and TSport 200 odds are just around the corner. With the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series, trends and NASCAR picks are still some of the best indicators before the start of one of the most exciting events this coming Friday. 

  • Front Row Motorsports currently stands as the most successful team in the season with three wins. 
  • Toyota leads the 2022 NASCAR Camping World Truck Series with a total of eight wins. 
  • Chevrolet stands as the most successful manufacturer of the event with a total of nine wins, with the last victory recorded back in 2010.  
  • Ron Hornaday Jr. is the most successful driver at the port 200 with a total of four wins. 
  • Six of the top 7 drivers in the competition are now ahead of the wheel of a Toyota truck. The only exception is Zane Smith, who drives a Ford truck.

TSport 200 Betting Pick and Prediction

Given that this is the first official TSport 200 event since 2011, bettors must rely on what is currently known about the competition. That is why Smith stands as the top seed for this weekend’s NASCAR TSport 200 at Indiana. 

Most Reliable Driver

Smith is by far the most reliable driver in the competition. He started with an opening win at the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series at Daytona and followed it with the top spot at the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series at Circuit of the Americas.

He then complimented his record with a solid first place at the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series at Kansas, his last win back in May.

Not only is he leading the polls as the top driver for Friday, but he is also leading expectations as far as being able to record the fastest lap in the event.

NASCAR Pick: Smith (+400)

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