What Are the Different Types Of NCAAB Bets?

College basketball season will not be here for another few months, but there will be those casual sports betting fans that will be betting away. There are different types of NCAAB bets that go on throughout the year.

However, college football is right around the corner, and there are those who are paying close attention to the college football schedule. Also, what are the different types of NCAAB bets that go on throughout the year?

Betting On March Madness Champion

Before the season begins, the preseason Top 25 polls usually get released by the U.S.A. Today and also the coaches poll, though. Top-tier programs like:

  • Duke
  • North Carolina
  • Kansas
  • Kentucky

And others will be ranked very high before the season begins. One of the different types of NCAAB bets is betting on a March Madness Champion.

March Madness Betting Difficulty

Betting on a March Madness champion is not easy at all. There are breaks that you have to catch not only throughout the regular season but also during the NCAA Tournament. NCAAB picks are not easy to make. 

An example of Betting on March Madness Odds: North Carolina +500, Gonzaga +650, Duke +650, Kentucky +700, Florida +750, Kansas +800, and Miami (FL) +1000.


The Tar Heels of North Carolina are at the top of the odds, which means they are the favorite to win it all. The Hurricanes of Miami (FL) have the lowest odds in this group. 

Placing a $100 bet on Miami to win it all would gain more cash than if you placed it on North Carolina. College basketball odds always change throughout the year because some teams may not meet expectations or they deal with tough injuries.

Betting On a Conference Champion

Before every college basketball season begins, there are 32 different conferences in college basketball at the Division 1 level.

These bets are mainly placed when the conference tournaments arrive in the month of March because that is when the madness begins for each and every conference.

Another one of the different types of NCAAB Bets people like to make during the college basketball season.

Not Big Conferences

What gets the attention of sports bettors is not the big conferences like the:

  • ACC
  • the PAC-12
  • the SEC
  • the BIG12
  • or the BIG10

For that matter. Those conferences are big on the College football betting guide. 

The conferences they want to bet on are conferences like the:

  • A10
  • the MEAC
  • the SWAC

In the A10, they have some good college basketball schools like:

  • Davidson
  • George Washington
  • Loyola Chicago
  • Fordham
  • Dayton

Say George Washington is the favorite at +100 to win the conference tournament, and they were the second seed in the A10 tournament.

However, sometimes there will be head-scratchers like George Washington being the 3rd seed in the tournament, but they will have the sixth-best odds at +1200 to win the conference. 

Worst Team in the Conference

The worst team in the conference, say the Richmond Spiders have the worst odds at +25000 to win the tournament.

That is where some of the bettors could make their money because there is more unpredictability in the smaller conference tournaments than in the larger conference tournaments. 

Picking a Team To Reach the Final Four

This is another example of Different Types of NCAAB Bets. There is a 1 in 4 chance that placing a bet on a college basketball team will reach the Final Four.

It is much safer to make these bets closer to the NCAA Tournament time rather than placing them before the season begins.

Some of these NCAAB odds will be in the minus because some of them have a chance to be in the Final Four easily. Let’s use North Carolina -150 and Gonzaga -175 as examples here.

Final Four

Vegas is trying to tell us that these two teams could potentially be a lock to reach the Final Four for that respective season and will probably be number one seeds in the NCAA Tournament.

The trick is finding teams that can go on a run, find some value, and make money on them. Villanova +750 and Baylor +775 could be two value bets in this situation. Both of these basketball programs have had recent success in the NCAA Tournament, and it is worth a shot to win some money by placing bets on them. This isn’t to win the National Championship. This is just to reach the Final Four. 

Duke +125 and Kentucky +145 can also have good odds in this situation, depending on how Vegas feels about them. 

Player Of the Year

These odds become more clear as the college basketball season goes on. Another one of the different types of NCAAB Bets. 

NCAAB Player Props

Kentucky’s Oscar Tshiebwe might have +125 odds, and North Carolina’s Armando Bacot might have +150 odds. Arkansas’s Nick Smith Jr. might have +225 odds to win the award. The higher the favorite, the better the chance.

In this situation, it is better to pick the higher and safer odds than the lower odds of +1000. 

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