Arizona Cardinals vs. Los Angeles Rams Betting Analysis and Predictions

When looking at the season that both of these NFL teams have had, it’s easy to see why people are expecting them to be two of the top in all of football.

The Rams are coming off a year Super Bowl win, and the Arizona Cardinals are hopeful that they can get to a point like that in the next few seasons.

Cardinals and Rams’ Last Records

Arizona was able to come away with a 29-23 win against the Las Vegas Raiders in Week 2, sitting at 1-1 on the season.

The Rams were also able to come away with a win in their NFL Week 2 contest against the Atlanta Falcons. Let’s dive into some Rams picks for this week’s game and find the best value.

Arizona Cardinals vs. Los Angeles Rams Betting Analysis and Predictions

When factoring in the Cardinals’ stats, it’s easy to see why they might be able to compete in this one, and the spread might be a bit too much for Los Angeles at the moment.

The Cardinals have a legitimate chance of being an above-average football team this season, run by Kyler Murray.

We will have to see you throughout the remainder of the year if they’re going to be better, but it’s something that we’re thinking about when making our Cardinals vs Rams betting pick.

Can Los Angeles Win A Super Bowl This Season?

The NFL standings were interesting a season ago as the Los Angeles Rams were able to be at the top of the league.

Los Angels won the Super Bowl, and that’s always something that we’re going to factor in when we pick a team to win. We have to give them respect after what they were able to do a season ago.

They returned many of the same players that they had, and that’s important in understanding what we’re going to see out of them this season.

Other Factors that Will Influenced on Rams’ Winning

There are other factors that we’re going to have to count in here when talking about the Los Angeles Rams, and the one thing that we want to talk about is that they have a ton of veterans on their roster.

Veterans might not always be the best in certain scenarios, but with some of the proven superstar veterans that they have, they are one of the best teams in the NFL still.

Remaining the Same

If Los Angeles is going to continue being the same team that they have been throughout the past few years, they will be able to get the job done on both sides of the football.

There’s a reason why this team won the Super Bowl last year, and it’s not just because of their offense or defense.

What’s The Deal With The Cardinals?

The Arizona Cardinals might be the complete opposite of the Los Angeles Rams. They do have some veterans on their team, but at the end of the day, they’re usually going to produce because of some of the younger talents that they have on the roster.

With guys like Kyler Murray and some of their other skill players, it’s a possibility that Arizona is going to be one of the sleeper teams in the NFL this season.

Throughout the first two games of the season, there’s no denying that the first seven quarters for the Arizona Cardinals have been nothing but a disappointment.

Raiders Collapsed

They were fortunate that the Las Vegas Raiders collapsed and let them come back into the game by scoring 16 points in the fourth quarter.

They were then about to lose the game before a fumble happened, and they took it more than 60 yards back to the house for a touchdown. 

Their NFL schedule to start the season hasn’t been kind to them playing against the Las Vegas Raiders and Kansas City Chiefs throughout the first two weeks, but it’s not going to get any easier for them as they look to take on this Rams team on Sunday.

NFL Injury Report

We haven’t got any major updates about players who are going to be out in this one, as players look good after Week 2 games.

Cardinals vs. Rams Betting Preview

Deciding our Cardinals vs Rams betting is going to solely be placed on the odds. When looking at the odds for this contest, they certainly make sense, considering that this game is going to be played in Arizona.

If this one wasn’t in Arizona, it would be possible that we’re looking at a 7-point favorite for the Los Angeles Rams. Instead, we see them coming in as a 3.5 favorite, with the money line up to -175 and the over/under being slotted at 48.5. 

The Arizona Cardinals are coming into this one at +3.5 on the spread line and +150 on the money line.

One thing that we’re going to have to think about here for our Cardinals vs Rams betting pick is that the Los Angeles Rams have not covered the spread in either of their first two games of the season.

Rams vs. Cardinals Betting Prediction

We are now here with our Cardinals vs Rams betting and when thinking about all of the Rams picks that we can make, the best pick here is going to be taking them at -3.5.

This is a game that they should be able to win and bounce back after a somewhat disappointing week in week 2.

Who to Bet On?

Although they were able to come away with a win against the Atlanta Falcons, playing badly in the fourth quarter and giving up 17 points to a Falcons offense should have the Los Angeles Rams team realize that they need to be much better than they have been. 

This isn’t the same team that it was a season ago, and although they do have an opportunity of winning a Super Bowl, they need to figure things out on both sides of the football before they get to that point once again. This isn’t going to be an easy game against Arizona, but they still can win.

NFL Pick: Rams -3.5 (-110)

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