Club Friendly: Internazionale vs. Villarreal Inter-league Friendly Across Europe Score Prediction

Before the Spanish and Italian leagues resume, we will witness another inter-league friendly across Europe between two top European teams.

Internazionale Milan would take on Villareal CF in a simple, friendly game for both teams to close out their preseason as they prepare for the new season.

Both teams don’t have to put too much pressure on the game as they have nothing at stake. They would have to wait for the new season to start to get competitive action.

Therefore, this game wouldn’t attract too much end-to-end action. However, it promises to be an interesting tie.

Villareal Against Milan: Worlds Apart

Villareal and Inter Milan are worlds apart as both teams do not have much in common and barely meet in competitive matches.

Since they both play in different leagues and have spent most of their time in European competitions, it is difficult to have this matchup.

Fortunately, the preseason brings us another installment of the Internazionale vs. Villareal game. Both teams are excited to watch in their various leagues, although Inter Milan has had more successes locally and across Europe than the Yellow Submarines.

UCL Multiple Times

We’ve seen Inter lift the UCL multiple times, but Villareal has never gotten very fortunate. However, Villareal is the last of the two to lift a European trophy. We’ve seen these teams play before.

They’ve been pitted together in the UCL and met in a friendly game. In the three times they’ve met, Inter has won twice, and Villareal has one win. But Villareal has the better head-to-head. 

Internazionale vs. Villarreal Odds Breakdown

Unfortunately, after much research and looking through the internet, we couldn’t find any sports betting sites that offer soccer odds for this game at the time of writing this preview.

Once there are changes in this department, we will update the game accordingly to give you a full odds breakdown.

Odds for this Matchup

Before then, you should remember that this match is gearing to have close odds with little to separate both teams.

We might even have on our hands a game that would give us two teams with the same odds to win. The reason is that there is a high chance that the match will end in a draw because it is not a competitive game. 

Internazionale vs. Villarreal Betting Preview

This game will not be too closely contested because there is nothing at stake for either side to lose. They would be playing to build match fitness for the new season.

Undoubtedly, the goal for either team coach would be to see which players would make it into the starting 11 for the opening match.

We don’t expect it to be too tough, but it should be interesting. We would be looking forward to seeing some exciting players as they continue to push for a better finish in their respective leagues this season.

Going by the odds, there is nothing to fully separate both teams because they’ve done not too badly throughout the preseason. 

Internazionale Analysis

Inter hasn’t played many games in this off-season period. They’ve only had four games. Throughout their preseason campaign, the team lost only one, but they’ve won only one.

Therefore, being the last game of the preseason, they would want to make a statement with their new recruitment.

The team would want to take back the Scudetto after narrowly missing out on the trophy last season. They had an impressive run, and after winning the Coppa Italia, winning the league would have made their season more impressive. But unfortunately, their city rivals beat them to the title.

Internazionale this Season

This season they would want to do better and not slack in games that should have won comfortably. They had many chances to take the trophy last season, but they didn’t take them.

They only let it slip every time the opportunity presented itself. Undoubtedly, AC Milan would also not relent. So, it would be another epic season.

Inter has this game to prepare for what is to come. Also, the manager would see how well his team can hold its own against a formidable team.

The point would be to get the players to match fitness, and we think this game is a perfect way for them to do that before the season starts next week.

Villarreal Analysis

The Yellow Submarines have been very busy this preseason. They’ve traveled across Europe and other parts of the world to face different teams starting with Sporting CP.

The team ended their first game in a draw. After that, they went on a four-game win streak beating:

  • Dortmund
  • Stade de Reims
  • Southampton
  • PSV

They’ve been unbeaten since their closing day win against Barcelona. We believe they wouldn’t want to taint their perfect record by ensuring they seal the win against Inter when they play this weekend.

We would expect the team to come with full force. It would be exciting to see how they approach the game.

We understand that winning the La Liga for Villareal might be a far reach. The team would need to outclass the top two, which is very challenging.

Facing a Top European

However, it is not an impossible thing to do. Therefore, facing a top European like Inter would give them that experience that would push them to build a better game plan.

With the new season upon us, we look forward to how the team performs. Unfortunately, they missed out on the UCL this season as they finished seventh in the last.

Therefore, the Yellow Submarines would take on other European teams in the third-tier division for the UEFA Europa Conference League title. 

Internazionale vs. Villarreal Pick and Prediction

Both teams will enter this game to gain match fitness and a perfect entry into the new season. The goal will be to see where the team is lacking and what needs to be done before the opening day.

We might not get a typical Euro Soccer matchup with both teams going hard at it. However, it would be a match that we would enjoy as spectators. 

Who to Bet On?

We’ve prepared our Internazionale vs. Villareal prediction based on their previous games since it has been a long time since they played against each other.

Therefore, we are looking at the following soccer picks for this game. After much deliberation, we went with the options below.

If you know how to bet on soccer, you can check out our final score prediction and pick in the list below. 

Soccer Pick: Villarreal win/draw

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