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Mallorca vs. Espanyol Score Prediction

Mallorca and Espanyol are going at it again this weekend. Both teams are looking at getting all three points in this game so they can go higher on the La Liga standings and get closer to the European spots. The goal will be to move higher on the table as fast as possible.

Espanyol will want to get three points in this game because a win will help them move away from the bottom three spots. And for Mallorca, a win will take them closer to the top six spots. 

A-game for this Weekend

As a result, the game would be difficult for either side. They will need to bring their A-game this weekend. 

Both sides will have to do better in their last five games. So, this match will be a good turning point for both sides. 

They need to get the right players because three points are at stake. As we prepare for the match to kick off, we want to see how both teams will set up, plus our Mallorca vs Espanyol score prediction.

Mallorca vs. Espanyol

The distance between both teams on the table is close, although Espanyol needs the win to go beyond Mallorca on the table. They would need to work hard as they are playing away from home. 

In that case, it is looking like a tough game. They need to do better because the La Liga schedule is getting hotter. 

Middle of the Park

Mallorca and Espanyol are two teams that have spent most of their time in the middle of the park. And Mallorca recently returned from the second division. 

So, they would want to impact the new season. Both teams must push for a win as they prepare for another round of La Liga games.   

Odds Breakdown

Mallorca Draw Espanyol
+125 +210 +290

With the La Liga betting odds for this game, we are looking at some exciting action, with both teams getting set to win games.

Mallorca’s Winning Odds

Mallorca has +125 odds following their great form this season. They’ve been impressive since the start of the season, and we expect them to keep gunning for a top finish.

The team has the best chance of winning among the two, with a 44% winning chance, while Espanyol has a 29% winning chance.

Over the years, Mallorca has won 40% of their games with these odds as they’ve continued to play at the highest level.

Espanyol Winning Odds

On the other hand, Espanyol has only won 1% of the games they’ve had these odds. 

We understand that the teams barely play draws whenever they meet, but following this season, we can’t write off a draw.

Therefore, we believe there is a chance the game will end in a stalemate, with both sides contributing goals to the Mallorca vs Espanyol score prediction. 

Mallorca vs. Espanyol Betting Preview

Both teams have been going head-to-head for many years. The battle has raged between both sides since Mallorca returned to the league in 2019. 

Every season, they share the spoils. Both teams show resilience and ensure that they gun for the best possible points in the league before 90 minutes.

However, one thing has been obvious with both teams since 2019. The home team almost always wins the game. 

Top-notch Playing Style

They both match up with each other whenever they play against each other. We’ve always experienced a top-notch playing style from both Spanish teams.

Therefore, betting on this game is tricky since there are lots of talking points in their matches. 


Since the start of the season, Mallorca has won three matches. The team drew three and lost five, putting them 12th on the log. 

They’ve worked hard to stay off the bottom zones, but the season is still long. They must work hard to hold on to the top spots to escape the bottom three. 

In that case, a win against Espanyol is essential to their season as it would put them in the position to close the gap.

Top Spots

They are a top team with the chance to make it into the top spots. However, they must play against a formidable foe having a close enough season. 

Therefore, the match against Espanyol will be tight as they both look for a chance to better their season. Both teams would want to win this game, but the home team has the edge following their trend in the last few games.

Therefore, we can see Mallorca leading the race to win this game. They have also been the better side as they’ve been having a more improved season since the start, and a win in this game will push them higher. 


For Espanyol, the season isn’t going as well as possible. The team needs to find a way to get better if they want to compete against others on their level. 

Espanyol has only won two games in their 11 matches, putting them in 14th place. They will need to do better if they want to make it farther. 

Below-standard Performance

In that case, we expect the team to push for a better result in this match. And following their below-standard performance in the last few matches, where they only won one in five, we expect them to do better. 

So, we expect them to push for a win in this match. Espanyol should be ready to take on a formidable Mallorca side. 

We expect the team to be ready for the game. They would have to get the right team to ensure that they would get the three points. 

Espanyol is a top team with incredible history in the league, but they’ve struggled in the past few matches. So, playing against Mallorca will put them in the right position to improve.

Mallorca vs. Espanyol Pick and Prediction

The battle between Mallorca and Espanyol can’t be understated because the game is always tight, and now, La Liga games predictions have become pretty tricky to make because of the competition.

As a result, we look forward to an exciting game that will make our weekend more exciting. 

Who to Bet On?

As Mallorca hosts Espanyol, we look forward to what the weekend will bring us. The game would be hard, and we can’t tell how it would go. 

However, the home team has always enjoyed better results for a couple of years; these teams have played against each other. So, we expect that both teams will want to push for a win. 

As a result, we’ve made our final Mallorca vs Espanyol score prediction and pick for this tie. So, below are our predictions for this tie.  

Final Score Prediction: Mallorca (2) vs. Espanyol (1)

La Liga Pick: Mallorca -1.5 (+130)

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