MLS: Vancouver Whitecaps vs Toronto FC Betting Stats and Trends

The Vancouver Whitecaps will host Toronto FC Sunday for a battle North of the border between two of Major League Soccer’s three Canadian competitors.

Neither team has enjoyed the start they would have been hoping for during the offseason, so this is the perfect opportunity for someone to snag three points and begin their trek towards making up ground they lost early on.

Toronto vs Vancouver Stats

Toronto FC Stats

The team is ninth in the Eastern Conference with 11 points via a 3-2-5 record; however, they have lost three straight league matches, which has made their early-season form seem much worse than it was right at the beginning.

Striker Jesus Jimenez is tied for the league lead with seven goals, and the team as a whole has been fairly productive in front of goal; however, they are easily exposed on defense and have a negative goal differential, mostly thanks to them having conceded the most goals in the conference and second-most in the whole league. 

Toronto likes to operate in a 3-4-2-1 formation, which allows them to create a fair amount of chances on net which, again, they have done a nice job of converting. However, because they only have three at the back, they can be exposed in transition when their midfielders and wing backs are caught out of position. They also sacrifice strength in the midfield to maintain their favored structure, which allows opponents to dictate possession more times than not.

Vancouver Whitecaps Stats

The Whitecaps have simply been the worst team in the MLS picks in the early stage of the season; they have a record of just 1-1-6 and have only taken four points from their matches, which is more than two times fewer than the team with the next-lowest points total. Like Toronto, they are on a three-game losing streak and have looked completely out of answers thus far.

MLS stats have not been kind to Vancouver— no player on the team has scored more than one goal, which is a glaring issue. On top of that, only six players have even scored, meaning the team has scored six goals in eight matches. They have conceded nearly three times as many goals (17) as they have scored and have a goal differential of -11, which feeds into them being the worst-performing team in the league.

The Whitecaps like to use a 3-4-1-2 which places extra emphasis on the attacking third, though they have not been able to show their desire in front of goal. They are similar to Toronto in the sense that they are not actually terrible at creating chances but do not tend to prioritize retaining the ball, which can keep them vulnerable to possession-dominant teams.  

Toronto vs Vancouver Betting Trends

 MLS odds favor the Whitecaps despite their poor record, perhaps because they are at home and also because they have shown signs of life in some of their losses. However, betting against a team (Toronto) with an ace in the hole (Jimenez) is always a dangerous prospect, especially when the favored team has only secured one win in eight attempts this season.

Toronto vs Vancouver Betting Predictions

 The oddsmakers’ decision to favor the Whitecaps is puzzling, if not outright laughable. Toronto has been the better team this season and has an in-form striker capable of scoring against most defenses in the league, but especially one of the worst in the league. 

Granted, Toronto has defensive woes of its own and could easily let an unnecessary goal slip by, but their intent and desire in front of goal should help them score multiple times. Because of this, not only are Toronto’s positive odds attractive but so is a total of over 2.5 goals.

Ride with Toronto here, for while they are not the best team in the league, they have enough attacking ability to keep their challengers at bay.


The Whitecaps have not done anything to build trust with bettors, so they should be avoided until they can turn in at least a couple of impressive performances. Stick with Toronto and their more talented squad, even if they may not be the most popular team amongst MLS predictions.

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