Necaxa vs. Mazatlan FC Odds, Picks, and Predictions

  • Necaxa drew their last match
  • Mazatlan FC drew their last match
  • Both teams scored in their last meeting

This tie will mark the outstanding games for the Necaxa and Mazatlan FC teams, and it will leave an entertaining end to the season where we have nine teams battling for the last five play-in spots.

Teams like:

  • Leon
  • Cruz Azul
  • Puebla
  • Atletico San Luis
  • Necaxa
  • FC Juarez
  • Mazatlan
  • Club Tijuana
  • Pumas

Are on the battle lines. However, five of those nine mentioned teams have already played their week 16 because of the FIFA World Cup that is already scheduled, so this Friday’s game will be exciting.

Both teams would want to earn the three points because the top 12 positions are significant to make it to the playoffs.

Necaxa as Host

Necaxa is ready as they are hosting Mazatlan this week. We will be looking at the teams and how they might be set up since the teams are fighting for the same thing.

Mazatlan is out of the top zones, but they still have the chance if they can secure a win over Necaxa. 

It will be a must-watch match because it will be challenging for both teams, and the Necaxa vs Mazatlan prediction would be tricky.

Necaxa vs. Mazatlan Odds


The Liga MX odds are ready for this tie, and we can see that the Necaxa team’s odds are the favorite to win the match.

Following their draw against Club Tijuana will be challenging for them but a must to win to improve their soccer stats. Also, they can get into the top 12 positions since most of the teams have played 16 games.

Necaxa Odds Breakdown

Aside from that, Necaxa has won ten times in their last twenty meetings while Mazatlan won nine. Also, if Necaxa loses this match, there is the probability that they won’t make it to the top 12 again because they will have one game left for the tournament.

From the Necaxa Vs. Mazatlan odds, we see that Nacaxa has -118, giving them a chance of 54%, and this team has won their previous match by 67% anytime they are given these odds.

Mazatlan Odds Breakdown

On the other hand, Mazatlan odds for this tie are set at +300, which is higher than the Necaxa odds. This team has the chance of winning this tie by 25%; it is not up to average, but the team has won 27% of their previous matches with these odds. Therefore, the Necaxa vs Mazatlan prediction won’t be easy to make.

Necaxa vs. Mazatlan Information

  • Competition: 2022 Liga MX Apertura – Necaxa Vs. Mazatlan
  • Location of the game: Aguascalientes Venue: Estadio Victoria
  • Time: Friday, 23rd September 2022, 07:00 PM EDT
  • How to watch: ESPN+

Necaxa Analysis

The last seven matches Necaxa have played have not been so impressive, and their performance is way poor, losing three games in that period. They only registered one win and three draws.

So, from the possible 21 points, the team could only gather six points. As a result, they are currently in the top 12, but with any slight mistake, they will drop. 

Liga MX Standings

Looking at their current standings, they have only won five matches out of fifteen games, earning them fifteen points; they also drew three to make it eighteen points.

They have been disappointing, but they still have the chance to finish at the top if they can win their last two remaining matches.

Necaxa Performance Recap

Necaxa’s win over Club Leon on the 3rd of September helped them to secure the top 12. During the game, Necaxa took the lead at halftime, an advantage for them over the visitor.

The halftime ended with three goals down, but they were lucky because the away team later scored two goals after additional time, which was in the 90th minute and 91st minute. 

However, aside from their last winning, we expect the same team that faced Club Leon to get into the last for their last two matches.

They would help the team push for six points to make them finally secure the top 12 and get ready for the second tournament. It will be an exciting match as both teams are ready for another battle for the tie.

Mazatlan Analysis

For Mazatlan, their last seven games have not been impressive, and their performance is also poor, losing two games in that period.

They only registered one win also and four draws. So, they ought to earn 21 points from the seven points, but the team could only gather seven games. 

Mazatlan at the Standings

As a result, they are currently sitting in 14th in their standing, but if they can win their last two matches, they will be in the top 12 at the end of the first tournament.

Mazatlan is in the 14th position with 16 points, while Necaxa is in the 12th position with 18 points. 

Looking at their current standings, they have only won three matches out of the fifteen games, earning nine points; they drew seven to make it sixteen points.

Mazatlan Performance Recap

Even though they are yet to secure the top 12, with the two games left, they can still achieve that. Mazatlan’s win over Atlas, which is their last win, helped them to earn 13 points before their last match, where they played a 1-1 draw. 

However, if they can use the same team that played in their last win game and builds on that result, they will get the result from the tie against Necaxa away from home.

We expect them to maintain the same tactics and teamwork for the game. Gabriel Esteban Caballero Shicker is a manager that understands the game and can help his team win.

Necaxa vs. Mazatlan Pick and Prediction

From the Necaxa vs. Mazatlan odds, we can see that the home team has more advantage, and their odds are the favorites.

Still, looking at their previous results, both teams have not been in their best form, making this game more challenging and exciting. So, the soccer picks for this tie are not easy. 

Most Profitable Team to Bet On

Predicting this game will be tricky even though Mazatlan’s odds are high, but they both need to earn the three points. Both teams have what it takes to win the match.

If you understand soccer betting, you will know this kind of game can finish drawing, so it is something we can explore.

However, our pick is in favor of the home team. Therefore, our Necaxa vs Mazatlan prediction for this game is Necaxa to win and over 1.5 goals.

Liga MX Pick: Necaxa to win

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