Women’s VNL: Belgium vs United States Betting Stats and Predictions

The women’s volleyball nations league is heating up, and we’re getting closer to the end of the group phase. The teams are looking for ways to ensure they make it out to the next round to get a fighting chance for the trophy. Fortunately, the number of teams going to the knockout phase has increased, and we’re here for it.

With eight teams, there is room for more to push, and everyone is trying to take this opportunity. It hasn’t been easy, given that various groups have solid players that they can use to win games. However, the usual suspects occupy the top spot, and as we enter Game 9 of the season, we expect more teams to solidify their position. 

For this round, we would be looking at Belgium and the US as they lock horns to add to their existing points. Both teams are prepared to give it their all, but the US is currently the better team, going by this year’s competition. The USA is currently second on the log. Meanwhile, Belgium is sitting in 14th, outside the top eight spots. 

The US team is looking to solidify their position in the top half of the log. However, Belgium might want to start a comeback as there is still hope they can make it into the playoffs. As both teams prepare for this match, let’s look at their volleyball odds and stats to make our preferred pick. 

Belgium vs. United States Stats

Belgium Stats

Since the start of this competition, Belgium has only won three games. Even worse, they only won once in their first six games, losing the first two games of the competition. The team doesn’t seem to have what it takes to compete with the top teams. However, that has changed in the last two matches. 

Belgium is on a winning streak where they’ve seen off Bulgaria and Poland. Although they had to carve out the wins, it is a win regardless. Against Poland, it was one incredible match, and even though Belgium was the underdog, following their bad volleyball stats leading up to the game, they got the win in the fifth set.

Against Bulgari, the story is somewhat different. Both teams were closely matched, and it showed in the game. Belgium won the first and second sets, making it seem like they would run away with the lead. However, they could not do the same in the third and fourth sets, pushing the game further. Finally, they were victorious in the fifth set to get their third win of the tournament. 

Now, the team has to face one of the best teams in the competition, and it is looking like they might have what it takes to win this game. However, we can’t write them off yet as they’ve won on two occasions that they were underdogs. Also, they’ve beaten one team in the top eight already this season. Maybe they can do it again. 

United States Stats

Compared to Belgium, the US are a far better team so far in this competition. The team only has one loss since the first match, and they’re currently unbeaten in their last four matches. In addition to that, they’ve only lost four sets throughout the season. However, against Japan, they were the clear favorites, but lost in straight sets. 

However, since then, they’ve won three straight sets before losing the first set in their match against Thailand. And technically, they won that game in straight sets as well after winning the second to fourth sets without hassle. Undoubtedly, this team is on a roll and the loss against Japan would be behind them now. 

A win against Belgium will bring them a step closer to achieving their dream of finishing in the top four of the standings. Therefore, we would expect them to bring their A-Game. Undoubtedly, they would not want what happened against Japan to repeat itself. Therefore, they would tie all loose ends and give the spectators a show. 

As the defending champions, the team would want to win it back to back, and since there are more matches in the knockout phases, finishing in the top four, would be helpful. That way, they’ll have to wait until the semifinal or final to face a tough opponent, making it easier to defend their title. 

Belgium vs. United States Betting Trends

  • The US has won the last five matches they played against Belgium in all competitions
  • In the last five matches, Belgium has won only one set
  • Since 2018, USA has won in straight sets against Belgium
  • The highest point Belgium has gotten in a set since 2018 is 24 
  • The games point average in the last 10 ties between these two teams is 137
  • Belgium has lost every first set in a matchup against the US. 
  • The US team has also won every first set since the start of the competition.
  • Belgium’s game points average this season is 185, meanwhile, for USA it is 142. 
  • Belgium has won six of their last eight first sets. 
  • USA are currently on a four-game win streak, while, Belgium is on two. 

Belgium vs. United States Picks

This matchup is gearing towards the US, and because of their current form and stats, it would be illogical to think otherwise. They’ll most likely cruise through the match, no matter how hard Belgium tries. However, with what we’ve seen with Japan and Belgium being on a winning streak, there might be an upset. 

We would love to see Belgium bring their A-game to test the US team. However, we don’t think they can handle the strength of the Americans. Therefore, our volleyball picks for this matchup is in favor of the USA team, and we believe they would be winning this in straight sets. In that case, our score prediction for the match is 3-0. 


The Volleyball Nations League this year has been more exciting, and we think increasing the number of players that can make it to the playoffs has a lot to do with it. Therefore, we would love to see how it all plays out. 

The US vs. Belgium match is straightforward, and we do not see Belgium getting anything from it. However, we do not expect them to get walked over quickly. We believe they would put up a fight as they’ve shown in their last two matches in this competition. 

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