Women’s VNL: Canada vs Turkey Betting Analysis and Prediction

With eight matches gone, we are nearing the end of the group rounds and gearing up for the knockout phase. Eight teams would be going into the knockout rounds this season, four more than last season. Therefore, there is a chance for more teams to make it out. As a result, teams are putting in more effort.

As we approach game nine, we’re looking at the matchup between Turkey and Canada. Both teams have different seasons, and this game will play a significant role in their season, especially for Turkey, which wants to secure its top-eight finish. Therefore, keeping volleyball picks in mind. Let’s look at this game as we analyze and check the volleyball stats for both teams to make our pick. 

Last Game Records

Canada hasn’t had a good season so far. The team is already on a back-to-back losing streak after failing to secure a win against Bulgaria and China. The team did win against Belgium, but the last two games have proven to be too difficult for the team, and the last one was the worst. They lost in straight sets to Bulgaria.

On the other hand, Turkey is on a back-to-back win streak to continue their incredible season. The team lost against Serbia, but they could claim wins against Germany and South Korea to continue their stay in the top half of the standings. They would be looking to make it three wins in three games. 

Canada vs. Turkey Betting Analysis

Both teams haven’t played many games together. However, Turkey has been the best team in their last five meetings. They’ve been dominant against Canada. However, except for their 2010 and last year’s meeting, where they won in the fifth set, Turkey has been winning in straight sets against Canada.

As a result, Canada would want to change their record against this impressive team and go by their recent playing record, and Turkey has the better volleyball stats among the teams. Therefore, they are easily the team with the better odds, and it comes as no shock that bookmakers give them such volleyball odds.  


Last season, Canada’s season was in complete chaos, and they could only win three games from the 15 they played. It was back-to-back losses throughout the season. They couldn’t compete against the big teams and could only do so well in the league. At the end of the season, they ended up in 14th place with 11 points. 

This season has been better as they’ve already won three games in the last eight they’ve played, one more than they did when the season got to this point. Therefore, the team has high hopes as they are only three points behind Thailand, sitting in the eighth position. Therefore, this game would test if they are ready to compete. 

We don’t expect any changes to the team, considering that there are no injuries and the entire squad is available to play. Therefore, we can see that Canada would want to break the jinx against Turkey to get their first win against the magnificent Turkish team. So, we would expect a solid showing when they play. 


Last season, Turkey made it into the final four after an impressive showing in the league that saw them amass 30 points in 15 games. The team won 11 games and only lost four in the entire group rounds. However, they weren’t strong enough for the US team but won third place after defeating Japan. 

Undoubtedly, this season looks like the last, but it is a bit different as they’ve already lost three games. In addition, other competitions have made it hard for Turkey to stay as solid as they were last season. Therefore, they might not get an impressive finish as last season, but they would undoubtedly make it to the knockout phase. 

Against Canada, the team would have to work on their play and not underestimate the Canadians because of their head-to-head. They have to look at last season’s game, where Canada was close to winning after coming back in the second and third sets. They also have to make a comeback to maintain their winning streak against the Canadians. 


Both teams have no injuries that would cause a significant change in the lineups. Therefore, we expect the same solid teams as they face each other in game nine of the competition. Both teams would bring their A-game, and the best team would take home the victory. 

Undoubtedly, it won’t be an easy task for Turkey, even though they are favorites to win. Canada would want to show that the team can compete on the highest stage. Therefore, we are looking forward to both teams. 

Canada vs. Turkey Betting Preview

The volleyball odds for this matchup show that both teams are nowhere near the same level. Turkey is the clear favorite to win, and we can see that the team has the better head-to-head as they are yet to lose to Canada in over 11 years. Therefore, it will be shocking to see Canada take home the victory. 

Also, a win in this game will help Turkey solidify its position in the top eight of the competition, and they can try to do better in the knockout round. However, Canada has a chance to close in on eighth place, making a win more than sentimental for the team. But Turkey is the better team as we prepare for the game. 

Canada vs. Turkey Betting Prediction

Both teams want to win the game. However, we can only have one winner. Therefore, we would love to see who would take home the maximum points. Turkey is the clear favorite to win, and we don’t see Canada pulling an upset in the match. It would be pretty impressive to see the Canadians pull it off.

However, our prediction for the game is Turkey to win in the fourth set. We believe Canada will take one of the first three sets forcing the game to go into the fourth set, but Turkey would eventually win. Therefore, our score bet for the game is 3-1 in favor of the Turks. 

How to Bet on Canada vs. Turkey

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