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2022 NFL Matchups - Season Preview by Week

The NFL schedule for 2022 has been released, and the league will play 17 regular-season games as it did in 2021. The NFL Matchups regular for the season begins on Thursday, Sept 8, when the Buffalo Bills travel to Los Angeles to face the Super Bowl champion Rams.

This year, on the NFL Matchups, we will see Russell Wilson’s return to Seattle on Monday Night Football, Tom Brady in Dallas, Patrick Mahomes vs. Kyler Murray, and six divisional games in the first week.

A rematch of Super Bowl LV between the Kansas City Chiefs and Tampa Bay Buccaneers (Oct 2), an offensive battle between Aaron Rodgers and Josh Allen (Oct 30), and a late-season Battle of Los Angeles are among the other attractions on the 2022 schedule (Jan 1, 2023). 

Five overseas games are also scheduled, including the league’s first game in Germany (Buccaneers vs. Seattle Seahawks on Nov 13) and then a return to Mexico City (Arizona Cardinals vs. San Francisco 49ers on Nov 21). The Green Bay Packers, the lone NFL club yet to play worldwide, will appear in one of three London games.

What is a football team’s Win-Loss record?

The win-loss record of a team is a measure of its success throughout the regular season.

It comprises a team’s total number of wins, losses, and ties throughout the course of a season, and it determines whether or not they enter the playoffs. Because there are 17 regular-season games played each year in the NFL, win-loss records will always reach 17.

Format for Win-Loss

Wins come first in a win-loss record, followed by a hyphen and the number of losses. Eleven victories and six defeats, for example, might be written 11-6.

If a team’s win-loss record includes ties, they are shown after the number of losses (for example, 12 wins, four losses, and one tie would be reported as 12-4-1).

The Value of Win-Loss Records

A good win-loss record is essential for making the playoffs. While there are exceptions, to have a realistic chance of making the playoffs, NFL clubs must have a regular-season win-loss record of at least 10-7.

Furthermore, teams with a win-loss record substantially above the average (i.e., 14-3) frequently qualify for a desired “bye” in the playoffs, which means they do not have to play in the first round and automatically proceed to the second round, giving them a significant advantage over their opponents.

What is the Point Spread?

The point spread is heavily influenced by home-field advantage. If the Kansas Chiefs played the Denver Broncos at home, the Chiefs would almost certainly be favored by 10.5 points. The Chiefs would be favored by around 4.5 points if the game were played in Denver. 

The significance of home-field advantage varies depending on the side that is using it; some teams may not have as friendly a crowd or environment as others. Given the altitude, Denver, for example, is a very difficult site to play.

Other criteria include injury condition, current form, and overall game talent. To locate value on point spreads, stay up with the latest news from across the league.

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