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The master, Kyle Shanahan, faces his pupil, Mike McDaniel, as the San Francisco 49ers welcome in the Miami Dolphins.

Dolphins vs 49ers Betting Preview

While most of the offseason focus in Miami Dolphins was about the addition of wide receiver Tyreek Hill, one of the biggest factors in the Dolphins vs 49ers odds is the addition of new head coach Mike McDaniel, the offensive coordinator for the 49ers in 2021.

McDaniel was the run game coordinator in San Francisco the four years prior to that, so a lot of the relevant Dolphins vs 49ers stats come from the mind of McDaniel.

Him being intimately familiar with Shanahan’s offense and the 49ers players makes this one of the more intriguing NFL matchups.

Rivalry History

There isn’t much recent history between these two teams, with the NFL schedule only pitting them against one another every four years. The Dolphins won in 2020 and 2016, and the 49ers won in 2012.

But if you go all the way back to 1985 and Super Bowl XIX, this was quite the rivalry. Dan Marino and Joe Montana were arguably the two best quarterbacks in the NFL, and these were the two best teams when they met in the Super Bowl.

Montana and the 49ers came out on top that day at Stanford Stadium, 38-16, and the 23-year-old Marino never made it back to the Super Bowl.

Matchup Trends

Both of these teams have high postseason expectations, and the Dolphins vs 49ers odds reflect that. At the beginning of the season the 49ers were paying +160 to win their division, while the Dolphins were paying +450.

As for which team might be lifting a Lombardi Trophy, the NFL odds clearly favored San Francisco when the season started. They were paying +1600 to win the Super Bowl, while a bet on Miami was paying +3500.

The big play ability of Miami’s wide receivers can be a great equalizer, however, and that is the most important Dolphins vs. 49ers stat to watch.

Venue Information

The 49ers play their home games at Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara. The move out of San Francisco happened in 2014 when the construction of the new stadium was completed, and the 49ers said a final goodbye to Candlestick Park, their home since 1971.

The San Francisco 49ers didn’t want to move out of the city, and initially, the plans for a new stadium included Candlestick Point, retail space, and improvements to housing in the area. But the San Francisco city government proved to be a challenging negotiating partner, so Santa Clara became the spot.

Levi’s Stadium hosted Super Bowl 50, where the Denver Broncos beat the Florida Panthers, and it was the site of the 2019 College Football Playoff National Championship, when Trevor Lawrence and Clemson beat Alabama.

Betting Tips for Miami Dolphins at San Francisco 49ers

A couple of things to keep in mind when examining the Dolphins vs 49ers odds. San Francisco goes into its game with Miami after a brutal stretch of games that includes the Kansas City Chiefs, Los Angeles Rams, Los Angeles Chargers, Arizona Cardinals, and New Orleans Saints. Miami travels to the west coast after the Lions, Bears, Browns, a bye week, and the Texans.

Schedule advantage definitely goes to the Dolphins.

But also keep that in mind when looking at the Dolphins vs 49ers stats. Miami’s numbers may be a little inflated after such an easy string of games. San Francisco, coming off a game with the tough New Orleans defense, may have their NFL stats artificially low.

Other numbers to keep in mind are how each team did as NFL picks against the spread. In 2021 the Dolphins were 9-7-1, and the 49ers were 12-8-0, including 3-0 in the postseason.

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