NFL Preseason

The NFL season really starts with the draft every year, but games officially start in the preseason. NFL preseason odds can be found just like regular season games, and NFL preseason betting is also popular. 

Even though the NFL preseason doesn’t mean anything when it comes to the NFL standings, it’s still a chance to bet on the league. 

NFL Preseason Explanation

The NFL preseason is the time when NFL teams are able to get some exhibition games in, and it includes an official training camp. Most NFL preseason betting will feature players that are on the cusp of making the roster, and the best players rarely see any action. 

NFL Preseason History 

The NFL preseason has been in place since the league began, but NFL preseason betting wasn’t usually a focus more than 100 years ago. The NFL preseason odds really started to come out a few decades ago as these became more formal contests. 

The annual Hall of Fame Game is the first preseason event of the year, and then each team now plays just three preseason games. This was a rule change after the league decided to add an additional regular season game to the schedule. 

NFL Preseason Schedule

There are 49 total preseason games. Each team will play three preseason games, except the Jaguars and Raiders. Each of those teams gets four games, and they could use the extra time.

Hall Fame Game 

NFL preseason betting really starts with the Hall of Fame Game. An exhibition contest played on the same weekend as the induction ceremony. The 2022 Hall of Fame Game will take place on Thursday, August 4, and it will feature the Las Vegas Raiders and the Jacksonville Jaguars. 

The first Hall of Fame Game was played all the way back in 1962, and it is always held in Canton, Ohio. 

NFL Preseason Betting 

Since NFL preseason betting has become increasingly popular, you can really find these NFL preseason odds anywhere. You just have to find a sportsbook that will accept NFL pregame wagers and then make bets based on the options that are in front of you. 

The three most common betting options you will find include the spread, moneyline, and total, but you can also find both player and team props. 

NFL Preseason Betting Strategy

A great NFL preseason betting strategy is to do as much research as possible and determine which players will suit up for each team. Some teams won’t let their starters see much action at all, while others want to give their top players some reps.

Since you will also find NFL preseason odds for live betting, this could be another good betting strategy to use. Waiting to make a bet until after the game has started will give you a chance to see how the game is going

NFL Preseason Rankings

Even though NFL preseason betting usually refers to betting on each game, you will also find NFL preseason odds representing futures betting. These future betting markets can be for an individual player award or betting on the eventual Super Bowl champion.

In 2022, the Buffalo Bills are the favorites to win the Super Bowl at +650, and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are next at +750. 

2022 Offensive Line Rankings

The number of factors determines which NFL teams will be the best in the league, and the offensive line rankings play a big role in that. The offensive line helps set the tone on offense, and that group is in charge of protecting the quarterback and establishing the run.

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