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The final day of the 2022 NFL regular season will feature the Dallas Cowboys and Washington Commanders facing off at FedEx Field in an NFC East contest.

Dallas Cowboys vs. Washington Commanders Betting Preview

The final day of the 2022 regular season pits the Dallas Cowboys and Washington Commanders against one another on the NFL schedule. Both teams will hope that this game is meaningful to them this late in the season, as the competitive NFC East could very well come down to the final day of action. In this Cowboys vs Commanders betting analysis, we look at the history between Dallas and Washington coming into this contest and go over what bettors should be aware of when this matchup takes place.

Rivalry History

This is a series that the Dallas Cowboys have dominated historically, which could have an impact on the Cowboys vs Commanders odds going into Week 18. In the 124 NFL matchups between these teams all-time, the Cowboys hold a massive 75-47-2 edge over their division rivals coming into the 2022 season. That includes a sweep of the season series last year, when Dallas included a 56-14 win over the Commanders in one of the two games they played.

Of course, frequent quarterback changes for Washington have become a part of this rivalry in recent seasons. This year, Carson Wentz is slated to be the starting quarterback in Washington, after several seasons with different starters under center. Because of that, it is hard to make an apples-to-apples comparison between Washington teams in this series, which should be noted when looking at the NFL odds for this particular meeting.

Matchup Trends

Bettors should always use the ample amount of NFL stats that are available to their advantage before betting on games. This Cowboys vs Commanders Week 18 matchup is no exception, as looking closely at the stats can help bettors get an edge when wagering on contests like this one. Looking at offensive and defensive efficiency for both teams relative to the rest of the league, and how those numbers change at home versus on the road, can help bettors find meaningful trends that will matter in this game and beyond.

Bettors should also be sure to look at how both teams are doing both against the spread and on the over/under market this season. By Week 18, there will be enough of sample size on each team to understand the trends that have emerged on both sides in these markets. This will help bettors understand how both teams are performing relative to the expectations of oddsmakers as well.

Venue Information

This contest will be played at FedEx Field, the home of the Washington Commanders. Washington is not known for having one of the better home-field advantages among NFL teams. That has contributed to the Commanders struggling in the NFL standings for the most part over the last few years.

Betting Tips for Dallas Cowboys vs. Washington Commanders

Quarterback health is going to have a huge impact on the Cowboys vs Commanders odds for this game. Those making NFL picks against the spread or on the over/under line should keep a close eye on the health of Dak Prescott especially. Prescott missed time early in the season due to injury, and further complications from a health perspective could torpedo the chances of the Cowboys to play at the highest level.

Bettors should also be aware of the scenarios surrounding each team heading into the final week of the regular season. It is possible that these teams are fighting for playoff spots, or have already had their fates sealed in some other way, which could lead to players being rested for this game. It is very important to know which teams have something to play for in Week 18, and this game is no exception.

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