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NHL Matchups

The NHL is a sport in the United States that has been gaining popularity very quickly. Hockey has always been very popular in Canada but it has recently seemingly grown quite a bit into what it is now. The NHL playoffs are one of the times of the year that everyone in the country follows hockey and it is unlike any other sport in that regard. The thing with the NHL is that it actually isn’t the most popular hockey league but are the most well known in the United States.

NHL Scores and Matchups

The NHL is very straightforward with how they score their games as it is just a goal for each puck made into the net. This is different from many of the other sports where you can score different point totals. The NHL is very straightforward in that aspect as they are able to make their scoring very simple for the players and the fans.

In hockey, matchups are determined each year in different ways. It is a computer generated schedule with a few certain things that are intertwined in. Some of those things are matchups on certain dates or certain venues as the NHL likes to play a game outdoors one a year in the Winter.

NHL Records and Point Spreads

NHL records work a lot like the other sports in terms of win-loss-tie. If an NHL team has a record of 6-1-2 that would mean that that team has six wins, one loss, and two losses. This is the common way that records are done throughout sports.

The NHL point spreads also work very commonly to other sports as well. The puck line for NHL games is usually 1.5 goals and the vig is a number that changes the most. If a NHL team had a puck line of -1.5 goals then they would need to win by two or more goals to cover the spread

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