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The NHL is considered the fourth most popular of the four major sports but is quickly gaining attention with the great NHL odds that are being offered. Player props are a very interesting aspect of sports betting that gives fans the opportunity to cheer for more than just their team but also for specific players. 

When one looks at NHL player stats, they will find that some players stand out just in the goal scoring categories while others stand out in points or both. Over the years one player that NHL betting guides probably pointed to often is Connor McDavid who led the NHL in points in the 2020-21 and 2021-22 seasons. In those two seasons, McDavid averaged 1.88 and 1.54 points per game and typically his points over/under was set at 1.5 points. He is just one example of many one can bet on. Let’s dig into how you can follow NHL stats and NHL player stats to decide bets.

How To Bet On Players Using Stats

As mentioned before, Connor McDavid is an obvious pick for picking points but there are more props and more players to choose from. A bettor can decide if they want to bet on some of the following NHL player stats

  • Player anytime goals 
  • Player goals over/under
  • Player anytime assist 
  • Player assists over/under
  • Player points over/under
  • Player block shots over/under
  • Player shots over/under
  • Goalie Save Total over/under

These are just some of the many player props one can bet on as one can also decide if there is going to be a hat-trick scored, who scores first/last, and more. Player props have different odds than regular NHL odds as they rely on individual player performance rather than the team as whole. For example, one could bet on a player anytime goal for a losing team and still win their bet if that player scores a goal at any point in the game. 

One strategy that is considered when analyzing NHL player stats is watching for a top goal scorer and if he has been goal-less for more games than normal. If a guy is scoring an average of one goal every two games but has been without a goal for seven games, one would likely bet on him to score the next game knowing he is due. You could say the same for someone who is known for getting a lot of points or assists but has been held without one for longer than normal.

Advantages of betting on NHL players with stats

Compared to some NHL odds, the player prop odds have many options to offer and oftentimes overwhelming to people but there are advantages to it. As stated before, one could bet on their favorite player to score a goal and not worry about the risk of their favorite team winning or losing the game as they are just cheering for the player’s individual play.

Another advantage to betting on NHL player props is that there are many obvious choses to take and to avoid compared to picking a winner/loser for a game. NHL betting guides that typically suggest players who often score points, goals, assists, etc. For example, if a defenseman isn’t known for scoring goals historically and hasn’t scored in 20 games, it is clear to avoid betting on him to score a goal.

NHL Stats Frequently Asked Questions

Since player props typically have better odds than some moneyline, spread, and over/under odds do, most people bet a lower stack than they normally would. For example, if you typically bet $50 on game result bets, it is suggested you bet around the $20-25 mark for player props.

Unlike betting game results, sportsbooks typically don’t allow bettors to wager on player props while the game is being played. Bettors will need to bet on player props before the game starts.

It depends on the stat. Most will offer the basics of anytime goal, anytime assist, anytime point, etc. but some will offer the top eight players from each team while others offer every player on the team. It is on the bettor to find the best available props and odds as they often change by sportsbook.

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