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Bundesliga Matchups

German Bundesliga Matchups and Scores

The German Bundesliga is home to many high-scoring teams and a lax defensive style. As a result, we witness many games with many goals. It has never been easy for goalkeepers because they keep facing plenty of shots from different parts of the pitch. At the end of the day, they concede plenty of goals. 

However, tough matches are tight, and therefore, we don’t get to witness many goals. But unlike other top leagues in Europe, we don’t have plenty of rivalries in the league, and Bayern has been dominating the league for years. They are the first team in the top five European leagues to win 10 titles in a row.

But it is important to note that there are only 18 teams in the Bundesliga top division. Therefore, they do not play the same number of games as the other leagues across Europe. However, because of how high-scoring, even the worst team in the league scores 20+ goals in a season.  Scoring many goals make the league exciting to watch. 


Whenever you watch the German Bundesliga, it is rare not to get goals. The average team in the league scores at least one goal in a match throughout the season. There have been seasons where more than five players had 20+ goals, showing how great it is for top strikers that want to improve their numbers. 

In addition to that, multiple players score over 10 goals in the season and comparing it to other leagues; we can see how crazy the goalscoring prowess of the league can get. We’ve even had seasons where one team scored 90+ goals throughout the season. 


Although they are not as proclaimed as some of the other top leagues in Europe, the Bundesliga does not lack great derbies and matchups that make for an exciting watch. The biggest one in the country is the rivalry between Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund, known as Der Klassiker.

There are other local derbies like the Bavarian derby between Bayern and Augsburg, although Bayern has dominated the derby for years. Other top mentions are:

  • The Revierderby (Dortmund vs. Schakle 04)
  • The Rhine Derby (Cologne vs. Borussia Monchengladbach)
  • Norddeby (Hamburg vs. Weder Bremen)
  • Berlin Derby (Hertha Berlin vs. Union Berlin)

These derbies continue to heat with each new year, and we believe more excitement will be generated as we enter newer seasons. 

Understanding Records and Points Spreads

The Bundesliga is not devoid of different records that can help you make better predictions, especially whenever you want to focus on the league. With the different derbies and new teams forming new rivalries, you can find the right point to start placing bets on teams in the league. You can research the records to know what you stand to get.

Interestingly, the records would act as a way to know if the soccer odds and points spread lines are justified. To better understand, here is a breakdown of both terms; records and points spread. 

Bundesliga Records

Records are the different outcomes we’ve seen from different teams over the years. These can go as far back as the 90s. However, the farther it goes, the more irrelevant the record is. In that case, you should ensure that you don’t spend too much time looking at records from the 90s, as they wouldn’t give you the insight you need. 

In that case, you should ensure that you pick records from games in recent years. We recommend that you shouldn’t go farther back than 5 years from the date of the game you’re trying to check out. 

Points Spreads

Sports betting sites look for ways to ensure that teams have a fairground on the betting scene. In that case, they have a points spread line to give the underdog points and take points from the favorite. 

One major factor they use to determine which team is the favorite or underdog is their records against each other, which is all about finding out who has been the better team over the years.

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