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Bundesliga Schedule

The German Bundesliga is a budding league with different exciting teams looking for a way to become champions of Germany. It is a long road from the start of the season till the end. The journey starts in August after the 18 teams are complete and we have a free ride to the new season.

A typical Bundesliga schedule starts in August and ends in May. The journey is 18 teams playing 34 games through the whole season. These teams will play 17 games at home and travel around the country to play the other 17, and in the end, we will have the winner, which is any team with the most points.

Getting into Bundesliga Schedule

The Bundesliga schedule is how the teams are set up to play. It shows when one team will have to travel to another part of the country to play. This will give teams the chance to navigate their season. However, some teams play in different competitions that might affect the schedule. Therefore, we might see slight changes to the schedule during the season. 

In that case, we continue to follow the Bundesliga schedule from the beginning to the end, making it perfect to plan out Bundesliga betting and the teams to back. 

Brief Introduction to Bundesliga

The German Bundesliga is the top professional men’s league in the country. It is the highest point for any team to reach, and the champion of the league automatically becomes the best team in the country. They’ll also be part of the teams representing Germany in the UEFA Champions League. 

Therefore, it is where every player wants to play, and every team is fighting for a spot in that zone. Other than that, the league has 18 teams every season competition for the league. Only one can win the league, seven can qualify for Europe, two will relegate, and one has the chance to save themselves from relegation through the playoff round.  

History of Bundesliga Schedule

The Bundesliga schedule has been the same for many since the number of teams was 18. It was only different when the pandemic hit, and the league was on hold. However, it was one of the first to resume, and ever since, we’ve had a straightforward schedule with the league starting in August and ending in May, and each team playing 34 games. 

Main Events on Bundesliga Schedule

Every season in the league, we enjoy top derbies and rivalries across the country. We get to see familiar foes go down in a battle for who is the king of the city. Throughout the season, the most anticipated match is the Bayern Munich vs. Borussia Dortmund match, as they are two of the biggest names in the history of the German Bundesliga. 

Bundesliga Main Venues

We know every team has to travel across the country and to different cities to complete the season. Therefore, every venue is important because winning any of them will give the teams three points. However, some home grounds have special feelings for them because of the fans and how they provide an impressive atmosphere.

One of the biggest venues is the Allianz Arena, home of the biggest team in the league, Bayern Munich. Following the arena is Dortmund’s home stadium, the Signal Iduna Park. Other notable spots include the BayArena, Red Bull Arena, and Borussia Park. 

After Covid-19 Details

The covid-19 pandemic sure impacted the league, and we saw some changes to the schedule during the height of the lockdown. However, since the restart, the league has gone back to normal, and we expect to continue with the regular schedule in the future.

Bundesliga Schedule Frequently Asked Questions

The schedule is changeable if there is any major reason. Also, if a team has other competitions to play in, the schedule can be adjusted to accommodate the other cup tournament.

At the start of the season, teams have the same schedule. However, when the season gets into the middle stages, other competitions can creep in to disrupt the flow of the competition. Therefore, the schedules become different.

For unpredictable cup competitions, the league matches that clash with the new schedule will be played at a later stage. It is usually on one of the free weekdays to ensure the league still ends in May.

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