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Bundesliga Standings

Bundesliga Standings

Every season 18 teams compete for the Bundesliga title between August and May. Each team goes into the league to find a way to win the league, and if they can’t, they take to qualify for European football the next season. The battle is always incredible, with the players of each team battling to score enough goals to help their clubs.

In the Bundesliga, it is all about gathering enough three points every season, and whenever there is a match, each of the teams will have a chance to take points from every other team in the league. It is not as easy as it seems because different factors affect the games even before they begin. 

In some cases, when teams travel, they are not as rested as the home team, and there is the fact that there are more home fans at the games. Other factors also contribute to the league standing if in case teams can’t be separated by points. Therefore, there’s a look into different metrics. Keep reading to learn more about Bundesliga standings and how a standard season works. 

Importance of Standings for Bettors

As a bettor, you need to know about the standings and the importance of their positions in the league. The reason is that their positions can contribute to how they play in the next game. For instance, if the season is closing out and the team is in the relegation zone and can make it out, they would put in more work, which is good to learn how to bet on Bundesliga. 

As a result, if you want to bet, even if they are the underdogs, you might want to go with them since they have more to play for. It is even better when they play a safe team but do not have anything to fight for in the league. Even though the favorite team has the better team or record, there is a chance that the other team fighting against relegation would win. 

You need to look at the standings to determine how important the game is, especially if it would be the team would win the league, survive relegation, or qualify for Europe. You should know that teams are harder to play when motivated, and there is more to play for than the opponents. Also, given the right conditions looking at the league standings will aid your Bundesliga picks

How Bundesliga Season Works

The Bundesliga season is not too different from the other top five European leagues, only that there are 18 teams in the league. Once the tournament starts in August, each team will travel to play 17 matches, while they also get to play another 17 at home. It is an exciting end-to-end competition that gives clutch moments and exciting plays throughout the season.

In each game, the teams are fighting for three points, and any team with the most goals in the game will get it all. However, when there is a tie, both teams share the points. There is no overtime. Even though the points are shared, a draw does not help the teams as it can mean two points lost and 0 goal difference. 

At the end of the regular season, the team with the most points from the 34 games wins the league, while the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th-placed teams enter into the UCL. Below them, the teams in positions 5 and 6 will go to the UEFA Europa League Competition, while the team in number seven will proceed to the Conference League. 

Bundesliga Team that end up in 17th and 18th are relegated from the league. Meanwhile, the team in 16th place will have to play the 3rd-placed team in Bundesliga 2 for a spot in next season’s Bundesliga competition. The playoff is a two-legged tie, and the team with the highest aggregate wins. 

Bundesliga Standings Frequently Asked Questions

When two or more teams have similar points, the team with the better overall stats will be ahead. For instance, the team with the better goal difference, head-to-head, goals against, and goals scored will lead. However, if they remain tied after this, the league is decided by a single-match playoff.

The standard number of teams that can qualify for Europe in the Bundesliga is seven. However, if a team outside the top seven positions wins any European competitions, the number will increase to eight.

Yes, if the teams are level on aggregate after the two legs, we go into overtime, and once they can’t be separated, we will get a penalty shootout to determine the winner. 

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