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  • Location: Larnaca, Cyprus, Kilkis, Greece
  • Stadium: ΑΕΚ Arena
  • Coach: Jose Luis Oltra
  • Europa League Titles: 0

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Cypriot Cup: 2017-2018 ,  2003-2004

Cypriot Super Cup: 2018-2019

AEK Larnaca History

AEK Larnaca was created on the 18th of July 1994 from the merger of two historical clubs in Cyprus, Pezoporikos and EPA Larnaca. These two clubs didn’t have many records in the top division, but they did have some historic moments playing in the top division. After the merge, AEK Larnaca started participating in the First Division.

By the 1995-96 season, the club had reached its first final; even though they lost, they showed they could become a top team. AEK Larnaca even got to participate in their first European competition, something their ancestors couldn’t manage to do throughout their existence, making them a formidable team.

Although AEK Larnaca hasn’t won the Cypriot Championship since its inception, we can see that they tend to close the gap and battle the top teams. Eventually, the team could close the gap and finish first in the league, earning them their first championship in the Cypriot league.

Larnaca FC  – Historical Events

Many things have happened in the club’s history since it was created after the merger of two traditional clubs. One of the most historical events in the team’s history was when they made it to the Cup Winners’ Cup competition. The team was able to get a draw against the eventual winner, Barcelona.

After many seasons, they got their first title in grand style in the 2003-04 season when they did well in the competition. Even though they’ve not won the Cypriot Championship, the team has gotten close many times, and it is just a matter of time before they get the title and win the competition.

AEK Larnaca Records

Undoubtedly, AEK Larnaca stats show that this team has had an impressive record since its formation in 1994. The team has won all the domestic titles available in the country and participated in Europe. Although they’ve not made it to the UCL group stages, the team was able to get into the Champions League qualification rounds. 

They also had stints playing some top teams, including Barcelona. Although they couldn’t beat the Spanish giants, they did get a draw in one of the two legs against the Catalans. Aside from that, the team has had many near misses, as they got many semi-final losses throughout their history.

More about Larnaca

From AEK Larnaca stats, the team might not have a massive trophy cabinet, but they do have an exciting history of getting close to winning championships. After winning the Cypriot Cup in 2004, the team didn’t win anything until the 2017-18 season when they got the Cypriot Cup and Supercup. They’ve only been runners-up since then as well.

Between 2014 and 2022, the team was runners-up in the league seven times, making them a close fighter to the top team. So, we can see that they are on a journey to make history and catch up with the top teams in the country. It is difficult, but they can get there if they maintain their current form and discipline.

The team was part of the transfer window, and they brought in some exciting players to help bolster the squad while losing a few players to other teams. 

  • Top Arrivals: Pere Pons, Oler Sanjurjo, Ismael Casas, Kenan Piric, Rafa Lopes.
  • Top Departures: Javier Espinosa, Simranjit Thandi, Thiago Santos, Matt Derbyshire, Antonio Martis.

AEK Larnaca has had many coaches in its short history, and a few have been outstanding over the years. So, let’s check out some of AEK Larnaca’s best coaches. 

  • Andreas Mouskallis
  • Stavros Papadopoulos
  • Imanol Idiakez
  • Nit Klinger
  • Thomas Christiansen

The goal is to make the team as competitive as possible. Therefore, they have a roster of most players in their mid and late 20s for this season. We can see that the team will keep pushing for their first league title in the country as they also compete in Europe and try to win more championships.

The team looks suitable for the new season. They have a solid squad that can take on challenges from the UEFA Europa League and their national league. The team maintains a 4-2-3-1 lineup, with most of the starting lineup filled with similar players since the start of the season. Therefore, AEK Larnaca betting is worth trying this season.

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