EPL Schedule

Getting into the EPL Schedule.

The EPL schedule runs for thirty-eight weeks, generally from August until May. This structure is necessary, so each team in the Premier League can play each other twice, both home and away.

There are twenty formidable sides in the Premier League, and the Premier League schedule gives us insight into when these sides face off against each other in the flurry of 380 games. The schedules are constructed before the season begins, symbolizing the true beginning of a season.

When the EPL schedule is released, fans immediately pounce on the information and look to see when they’re facing the top teams or their bitter rivals. When they get released, the first thing an Arsenal fan does is look for the two dates they meet their North London rivals, Tottenham Hotspur.

It’s essential to stay up to date, as the strength of the schedules is always so crucial. In such a competitive league, it’s critical to analyze EPL schedules intensely.

The Premier League

The EPL is the top-flight football league in England, hence the name. There has always been a top division in England featuring the iconic likes of Manchester United, Liverpool, Arsenal, Tottenham, Aston Villa, Chelsea, Newcastle, and more; however, the Premier League, as we know it today, was only established in 1992. 

As decades have passed, the EPL has slowly become stronger and stronger, and now it is considered the best club football league in the world. Unbelievable youth talent and so many established stars genuinely make the entire season enthralling.

EPL Schedule.

The structure of the EPL schedule has always remained the same. Thirty-eight games, twenty teams, and a nine-month season.

However, one factor that changes every year is three teams that cycle in and out of the second division in England, the Championship.

The classic rivalries that we have seen develop throughout Premier League history will remain the same as well.

Main Events on EPL Schedule.

There are a few prominent events on the EPL that people always look forward to.

All matches between teams from London are always tense and make up for thrilling football. Some of those matches include:

  • Tottenham vs Arsenal
  • Arsenal vs Chelsea
  • Chelsea vs Tottenham
  • Tottenham vs West Ham
  • Brighton vs Crystal Palace

Most of the Premier League teams happen to be from London, so the other zonal rivalries are a bit more obvious. These include:

  • Merseyside Derby: Liverpool vs Everton
  • Manchester Derby: Manchester United vs Manchester City

The last and perhaps most exciting rivalries on paper today are just between the sides that have always had a rich history and have battled each other for Premier League glory. Some of these matches include:

  • Manchester United vs Liverpool
  • Manchester United vs Arsenal
  • Manchester City vs Liverpool
  • Liverpool vs Chelsea

EPL Main Venues.

There are so many iconic stadiums in the Premier League that host these incredible matches. Some of these include:

  • Aston Villa: Villa Park
  • Arsenal: The Emirates
  • Chelsea: Stamford Bridge
  • Everton: Goodison Park
  • Leeds: Elland Road
  • Leicester: King Power Stadium
  • Liverpool: Anfield
  • Manchester City: The Etihad
  • Manchester United: Old Trafford
  • Newcastle: St. James’ Park
  • Tottenham: Tottenham Hotspur Stadium

EPL Schedule Frequently Asked Questions

Either download the Premier League App or look up the table on google! This upcoming season’s fixtures will be posted on June 16th. It always occurs shortly after the previous season concludes.

Players have periodic international breaks to represent their countries each season. The World Cup is in December this year, so there will be a long break for that.

Teams generally play on Saturdays and Sundays, although there are often midweek games later in the season to compensate for crammed schedules.

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