• Location: Strasbourg, Alsace, France
  • Stadium: Stade de la Meinau Strasbourg
  • Coach: Julien Stéphan
  • Ligue 1 Titles: 1

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Ligue 1 Winners: 1978–79.

Ligue 2 Winners: 1976–77, 1987–88, 2016–17.

Championnat National: 2015–16.

Championnat National 2: 2012–13

Alsace Champions: 1923, 1924, 1926.

Dordogne Champions: 1940.

Some French teams haven’t been around for more than a few decades, while some have been part of the top division for many decades. One of the oldest clubs in France is Strasbourg. It has been around so long that it survived the two World Wars. Strasbourg remains a traditional club in the French Ligue 1. 

It spent some years as an amateur club but eventually became a top professional football club. And throughout its history, it has made appearances in the French Ligue 1 and other divisions. We can see that the team is an exciting side that would keep pushing, hoping for a spot in the European places. 

Strasbourg General Info

The team was created as Racing Club de Strasbourg Alsace. They are also called RC Strasbourg, RCSA, Racing Straßburg, RCS, or Strasbourg. They are a team based in the City of Strasbourg in Alsace. And they play all their home games at the Stade de la Meinau, a stadium with about 26,000 seating capacity. 

Strasbourg is an exciting team that competes in the French Ligue 1 as one of the mid-table teams. The club’s president is Marc Keller, and Julien Stephan is currently the head coach. They continue to push for a spot in the top places. They hope to make it to Europe and compete at the highest level. 

Strasbourg History

A group of youngsters came together in 1906 to form a football club in the Neudorf neighborhood. It was in the old Straßburg, Elsaß-Lothringen city in the old German Empire. It is now Strasbourg, Alsace, France. They had the help of their primary school teacher, and in the end, the club was called Erster Fußball Club Neudorf.

They remained a local amateur club for a while. After the first World War, when the territory was returned to France, the club adopted the name Racing-Club Strasbourg-Neudorf before eventually becoming Racing Club de Strasbourg. However, the club remained at the amateur level until 1933. 

In 1933, they became a professional football team competing in the top-flight leagues. RCS began its pro journey in the Ligue 1 and spent a few seasons there. Eventually, they found their feet, and despite enduring the second world war, they remained a solid team that kept pushing throughout history.

Strasbourg Records

Strasbourg stats show that the team has had some success in the past. The Ligue 1 team rose from the second division to play in the first. In addition to that, they made it to a few cup finals and even won some. So, we can see that Strasbourg is a team filled with historical successes that put them as a top team in the league.

Their records didn’t only happen in the domestic league as they have the UEFA Intertoto Cup to show for their successful run in Europe. The team’s biggest win came in the 1937-38 season against Valenciennes. They won that game 8-0. Their biggest European win was against Grazer AK in the 2005-06 season.

The team also did some business during the last summer transfer window. They had some new players come in while some of the old players left for other teams. So, here are some of the top arrivals and departures from the team. 

  • Top Arrivals: Colin Dagba, Lucas Perin, Ronael Pierre-Gabriel, Jean-Eudes Aholou, Thomas Delaine
  • Top Departures: Anthony Caci, Mahame Siby, Mehdi Chahiri, Majeed Waris, Moise Sahi Dion

The team has had more than 45 coaches in its history. But only a few have led them to championship successes. So, we’ve listed some of the championship-winning coaches in Strasbourg’s history. 

  • Josef Blum
  • Charles Nicolas
  • Paul Frantz
  • Gilbert Gress
  • Jacky Dugueperoux

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