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La Liga Schedule

The Spanish La Liga is one of the top five leagues in Europe, and it has almost the same format as the other leagues in the sport. Therefore, the La Liga schedule is no different. Everything begins in August, and the last round of games is played in May of the following year. 

This schedule changed because of the lockdown, and the league was extended to July. Therefore, the 2019/2020 season saw a different kind of schedule, but after that, we’ve been back to the normal schedule. 

Getting into the La Liga Schedule

The La Liga Schedule is done when the 20 teams for the new season are confirmed. This means that the bottom three teams have been relegated, and the top three teams from La Liga 2 are confirmed. The bottom three will move to the second division, and the top three will play in the Spanish La Liga for the next season.

The regular season will start in August, and as long as there are no unscheduled breaks, the season should end in May, whereby the winner will be crowned champion for another season. You can always check the schedule ahead of time, especially if you want to engage in La Liga betting

La Liga

The Spanish La Liga is one of the top five European leagues, and it is home to some of the biggest teams in football. The league has seen many top players light up the show and give an incredible showdown for many years. In addition to that, it has also produced many Balon d’Or winners, and because of that, it is one of the finest destinations for players. 

The Spanish La Liga continues to grow, and we keep seeing some of the best players take the stage. For many years, teams from La Liga have dominated Europe, and there is a long history of top rivalries and local derbies in the league. 

Why to follow La Liga Schedule

La Liga Schedule has seen changes over the years. Only a handful of clubs were available in the league at the start. Therefore, the number of games at the time was not as much as we have today. The league was created in 1929 with 10 teams competing, and since that time, only three of the 10 have played every season in the top-flight competition. 

After many changes and years, the number of teams increased, and more teams joined the league. We have 20 teams competing every season for the La Liga title. 

Main Events on La Liga Schedule

On the La Liga Schedule, there are various main events to follow that make up the most exciting games in the league. One of the biggest and most anticipated games of the season is the El Classico between the two giants in the league, Barcelona and Real Madrid. The El Classico has been around for ages, and it is one of the biggest rivalries in Soccer’s history. 

La Liga Main Venues

La Liga matches are played across the country, with each team travelling to the home stadium of the other 19 teams and the others coming to visit. Each team is set to play 38 games, making it perfect for a full season betting experience. Therefore, you can consider this one of the different La Liga betting guides to help you.  

After Covid-19 Details

Before the pandemic, we had a regular La Liga schedule, but the league was suspended when it hit. However, things have gone back to normal, and the La Liga schedule has returned to the way it used to be. Therefore, it is now easy to follow the league, and the fans are back in the stadium.

La Liga Schedule Frequently Asked Questions

There is no specific date for the league to start or end until the schedule is out. But it is usually the second weekend of August and the third weekend in May.

In some cases, the schedule might be close to other competitions like the UCL, UEL, or UECL. Therefore, the games might be moved up, or the teams have to play on such close dates, depending on how far apart the games are.

If any games or tournaments clash with the La Liga schedule, the matches in that period would be moved up and played later. Since these matches are played on the weekend, they can be moved to a free weekday, usually Tuesday or Wednesday.

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