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La Liga Standings

Introduction to La Liga Standings

Every country with a soccer league, especially in Europe, has similar leagues. However, the standings can vary from one country to the other. In that case, as a bettor, you should be sure of the league you want to focus on and learn about the standings to know what it entails and how you can get started.

If you’re looking at La Liga Standings, you should know that there are different teams in the league, and the goal is to win the league at the end of the season. Each season starts in August and ends in May. The team with the most points on the final day wins the league, although in cases where there are teams with the same points, there are different metrics to decide the winner.

The first metric is head-to-head, where the games both teams play against each other during the season are considered and the team with the better aggregate and record wins. Other metrics include goal difference, goals scored and goals against. If there is no winner even after everything, a single match playoff happens in a neutral location to decide the winner. 

Aside from winning the league, there are other areas to the La Liga standings to know about. If you want to find them out, you should read this guide. 

Importance of Standings for Bettors

If you want to understand how to bet on La Liga, you should know that the standings for each season are important and can help you make better betting decisions. You can tell which team has been performing since the start of the season and if there are any teams doing more than they typically do in previous seasons. 

Aside from that, you can see the form for each team and if they have been lucky and can easily slip up if they are not careful. In addition, you can tell if a game has massive importance. For instance, if the game will have an impact on the relegation battle. Or, it can be a title decider match. 

In that case, looking at the standings will give you more insight into the teams, and it would improve your La Liga picks. As a result, you can win more when betting on La Liga. And you can even see other areas like goals they score and how much they’ve conceded. 

How La Liga Season Works

Once the La Liga season starts in August, the teams set out to play against each other. Each one will have to play 19 games at home and another 19 on the road. A win will fetch them three points, a draw means the points will be split between the teams, and a loss means there is no point.

Each match is played for 90 minutes with additional time that can go between 2 minutes to 10 minutes, depending on the events during the match. There is no overtime in a La Liga match. At the end of the season, the team in the number one spot wins the league, and the other top four teams will get automatic qualification to the UEFA Champions League.  

Teams in 5th and 6th positions will get to play in the next season’s Europa League competition, and the 7th-placed team will play in the UEFA Conference League. Finally, the bottom three teams will be relegated to the Segunda Division, and the top three teams from the second division will replace the relegated teams. 

La Liga Standings Frequently Asked Questions

No, there are no seedings or tiers in the La Liga standings. At the start of the season, every team starts with zero points and the teams are arranged in alphabetical order. Once the competition starts, everything starts to take shape until the last matchday.

Yes, a team may win the league before the games are done. This happens when the second-place team cannot mathematically catch up with the team sitting in first place.

Although this doesn’t directly impact the winners of the league, La Liga also has standings for the players with the most goals and assists. At the end of the season, the player with the most goals will receive the Pichichi award, and the best player will get the play of the season award.

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