La Liga Teams Stats

  • Athletic Club
  • Atletico de Madrid
  • CA Osasuna
  • Cadiz F.C.
  • Deportivo Alaves
  • Elche C.F.
  • F.C. Barcelona
  • Getafe C.F.
  • Granada C.F.
  • Levante UD
  • Rayo Vallecano
  • RC Celta de Vigo
  • RCD Espanyol de Barcelona
  • RCD Mallorca
  • Real Betis Balompie
  • Real Madrid
  • Real Sociedad
  • Sevilla F.C.
  • Valencia CF
  • Villarreal CF

Technical, visually appealing, and tactical. These are the words to describe the Spanish La Liga truly. The league has some of the most beautiful plays, with many technically gifted players ready to take on incredible challenges. It is undoubtedly not easy to play in the league if you don’t possess the abilities. 

The league has 20 teams battling every year; only one can win the league, four can qualify for the Champions League, two for the Europa League, and one for the Conference League. Aside from that, three teams would relegate every season, and another three get promoted from the second division. 

Understanding La Liga Team Stats

La Liga teams have been technical for years, and they have their unique tactics. However, two teams have been the most dominant over the years, with others barely having a share of the pie.

The league typically starts in August, and it rides on till May, with the team with the highest point claiming the title.

However, when teams are tied at the top, there are other metrics to ensure that there is only one winner. And in this case, the first metric is Head-to-Head, where the team with the better record over others wins the league. Aside from that, they also use goals difference, goals scored, and goals conceded to determine the champion. 

The Big Three

As stated earlier, the league has two dominant teams that have won the title countless times. It is not even a close contest. However, a third team has been in the mix for many years now, and they are above the rest in the rankings.

If the top two teams are not winning the league, it is almost always the third team to get the championship.  We see these big three secure their spot in the UCL qualification zones every season. It is rare to see any of them outside the top three zones.

In that case, they remain the dominant forces controlling the league every season. Although most of the dominant seasons will go to the top two teams, the number three team in the league also has a say. 

The Hustlers

Other teams strive hard for the final spot in the UEFA Champions League qualification zones and the other European competition spots outside the top three teams.

These teams are the hustlers who keep the big three on their toes every season. Although it is only a handful of times that they’ve successfully usurped any of the top-three spots, they are top contenders in the league.

We’ve seen them dominate the lower European competitions many times, and it has been wonderful. Most of them do well against their pairs, and it has been fun to watch.

However, the battle to take the top spot would keep going for many years. The Hustlers are undoubtedly up to the task, as they’ve shown many times. 

Mid Table

Below the hustlers are the mid-table teams that continue to compete for local trophies and try their hardest to win as many games as possible to avoid the drop zone. It is simply a cycle with them, and we’ve seen times when these teams cause problems for the top teams to throw open the title race. 

Even though they are not necessarily striving to win the league, they still have the chance to take one of the European competition spots. Therefore, it is an incredible battle every season to see which of the mid-table teams will make it to the top zones. 


Finally, La Liga teams are in the relegation zone. This is where every team in the top-flight leagues is avoiding because it means spending the next season battling to come back to the top division. As a result, it is not something any team wants to do. 

However, this battle is usually between the newcomers and the mid-table teams. In most cases, the newcomers lose out, but we’ve seen times when one of the mid-table teams slips down that hole. 

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