• Location: Rotterdam, Netherlands
  • Stadium: Stadion Feijenoord (De Kuip)
  • Coach: Arne Slot
  • UEFA Europa League Titles: 0

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European Champion Club’s Cup: 1969 – 1970

Dutch Champion: 2016-2017 , 1998-1999 , 1992-1993 , 1983-1984 , 1973-1974 , 1970-1971 , 1968-1969 , 1964-1965 , 1961-1962 , 1960-1961 , 1939-1940 , 1937-1938 , 1935-1936 , 1927-1928 , 1923-1924

UEFA Cup Winner: 2001-2002, 1973-1974

Dutch Super Cup Winner: 2018-2019 , 2017-2018 , 1999-2000 , 1991-1992

Dutch Cup Winner: 2017-2018 , 2015-2016 , 2007-2008 , 1994-1995 , 1993-1994 , 1991-1992 , 1990-1991 , 1983-1984 , 1979-1980 , 1968-1969 , 1964-1965 , 1934-1935 , 1929-1930

Intercontinental Cup Winner: 19970-1971

The Netherlands is a great footballing nation with many top moments in the sport. The country gave us one of the most revolutionary players of all time, Johan Cryuff, who brought about modern football. The country has always been part of history and will remain a top side in the world of football.

In the Netherlands, we have many clubs pushing to be part of the top contenders, but only three have been able to remain competitive over the years, and one of them is Feyenoord Rotterdam. The team has been around for over a century and continued to perform at the highest level in the league while representing on the continental stage.

Feyenoord General Info

In the Netherlands, Feyenoord is one of the top three teams, and they’ve been participating in the league for over a century. The full name of the club is Feyenoord Rotterdam, and their nicknames are as follows: 

  • De Club van de Maas, which means The Club on the Meuse
  • De Stadionclub, which means The Stadium Club
  • De Club van het volk, which means The Club of the People
  • De Trots van Zuid, which means The Pride of South

Feyenoord plays their game at the De Kuip Stadium. This ground has a capacity of 51,177. They compete at the highest level in the Eredivisie as one of the top three teams in the league. The current chairman is Toon van Bodegom, while Arne Slot will take charge of the team for this season.

Feyenoord History

The club’s story started in 1908, and at the time, their name was Wilhelmina, and for the next few years, they underwent a series of brand changes. In 1912, their name became SC Feijenoord, and by 1918, the club made it to the highest level of the Dutch league. And 18 years after the club was created, they became the national league champions.

After that, they enjoyed many successes, and in 1961, they won their first Eredivisie championship, marking their sixth Dutch championship. And in the following season, they participated in their first European competition. Throughout history, they’ve been a formidable side in the league and had stints in Europe.

Feyenoord Records

Feyenoord stats started becoming better after they got into the top flight. They won their first championship three years after their promotion. The team remained competitive as they continued to win more titles, but it wasn’t until the 60s before they got into their groove and joined Ajax and PSV to dominate the league.

In the 60s, they made it to their first European competition and continued on that path as they tried to win games and add more titles to their collection. They even succeed on the continental and intercontinental stages, winning multiple European championships and an intercontinental cup.

Championships Won

The team has won different titles, from domestic league to continental stages. They’ve become champions and got more records in the league. Their European stats are better than average, as they’ve also had significant successes on the domestic front. The team is undoubtedly a top side with enough trophies to show.

They have 15 Eredivisie titles, with the most recent coming in the 2016-17 season. In addition, they have 13 KNVB Cups and four Johan Cruyff shields in their trophy cabinet. It doesn’t end there, as they have one European cup, two UEFA cups, and one Intercontinental Cup in their collection.

Historical Events

One of the most historical moments in the club’s history was when they made it to the top tier of the Men’s pro division in the country in 1918. It kickstarted their impressive run, making them one of the best teams in the country. They continued on that journey and eventually made it into the European scene.

They had top moments from the 60s to the 70s, winning multiple European championships and an Intercontinental trophy. Aside from that, they also won many Eredivisie titles and bolstered their collection throughout this period. We could conclude that this was the team’s golden era as they built a bigger trophy cabinet.

Championships Won by Feyenoord

The team has won many titles over the years and tried to add more to its collection. The goal is to be one of the most successful teams in the country. It is a continuous push that has seen them win more than 30 championships throughout their history. Below are the various competitions. 

  • Eredivisie
  • KNVB Cup
  • Johan Cruyff Shield
  • European Cup 
  • UEFA Cup


The Feyenoord roster is filled with players between the ages of 20 and 29. They have only a few players below 20 and above 29. It is a way to keep the team competitive and ensure that the players can be at their peak when they help the team throughout this season. In that case, Feyenoord betting is pretty popular this season.

The team prioritizes defense more than anything. They try to ensure that teams do not get past their lines, and they maintain a tight-knit defense. As a result, the coach has employed the 4-3-3 defensive tactics, making it much easier for the team to cover their defense and lock games once they can take the lead.

The transfer window also saw the team add new players, as they also lost a few to other teams in Europe. They were able to get in a few players. So, here are some of the players that joined and left the team in the last transfer window.

  • Top Arrivals: Sebastian Szymanski, Ezequiel Bullaude, Quinten Timber, Javairo Dilrosun, David Hancko.
  • Top Departures: Luis Sinisterra, Tyrell Malacia, Marcos Senesi, Fredrik Aursnes, Bryan Linssen

Throughout its 100+ years, the team has had some exciting coaches that have brought them success. Check out some of the team’s best coaches below.

  • Bill Julian
  • Jaap Van der Leck
  • Leo Beenhakker
  • Adriaan Koonings
  • Bert Marwijk

Team Standings

Team Leaders


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