Bodo Glimt

Bodo Glimt

  • Location: Bodø, Norway
  • Stadium: Aspmyra Stadion
  • Coach: Kjetil Knutsen
  • UEFA Europa League Titles: 0

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Norwegian Champion: 2020 , 2021 

Norwegian Cup Winner: 1974 – 1975 , 1992 – 1993 

Norway has had some exciting teams over the years. The country is filled with an exciting history in the sport, with many teams trying to build their reputation over the years. One of the top teams in the country is Bodo Glimt, which has been around for many years. Through the ages, this team has maintained a high standard. 

Since its inception, the team has won many titles and become one of the best in the league. They have periods in Europe and remain one of the top clubs representing Norway. It is an exciting team with many exciting experiences. We expect them to keep giving us more moments.

Bodo Glimt General Info

Bodo Glimt is one of the teams in the Norwegian top division, and they also represent the country in the UEFA Europa League this season. The team has been around for more than 100 years. And in those years, they’ve been called Fotballklubben Bodo/Glimt. 

The team also has different nicknames, including Glimt, which means Lightning, Superlage, and Den Gule Horde, which means The Yellow Horde. They play football at the Aspmyra Stadion in Bodo, Norway; the stadium’s capacity is 8,300. 

Inge Henning Andersen is the current president, and Kjetil Knutsen will handle the team throughout this season. The team’s colors are yellow and black. They also use the dark-green color for their away jersey.

Bodo Glimt History

Although surrounding counties like Narvik, Mosjoen, and Mo I Rana in Nordland had started their clubs, Bodo was without a central football team until 1916. And by 1916, they created the Fotballklubben Glimt, and by 1919, the team won their first championship as they became County Champions of Nordland.

The Bodo Glimt stats show that they went through a rough patch that resulted in the team taking on Bodo/Glimt. However, they soon managed to become a sensational side in Norway. Although the team never got to win the league until recently, they were always a top side in the country that kept pushing.

Also, they spent most of their peak years playing in the North-Norwegian championships since teams from Northern Norway weren’t allowed to play in Norway-based cup competitions.

Bodo Glimt Records

The team has had some impressive records over the years. However, most of their outstanding records have come in recent years. One of them was when they got their biggest-ever win in European competition against AS Roma, who were eventual winners of the tournament. In that game, Bodo Glimt won 6-1 against a top Italian team. 

They became the first Norwegian team to score six against a top Italian team. And aside from that, 2020 and 2021 also gave them back-to-back Elteserien titles. They’re on the verge of building a legacy in Norway. And we expect them to keep going and growing, and we might see

Championships Won

Bodo Glimt stats show that the team hasn’t been very dominant in winning the Norwegian League. They’ve been runners-up on different occasions and only won the title twice since they joined the league. However, they were a dominant force during the North Norwegian Championships days. 

We expect them to want more and try to recreate their success during the 30s and 60s when they played in the Northern Norwegian competitions. The team is growing and will continue to give us exciting moments. And undoubtedly, Bodo Glimt betting has become worthwhile.

Historical Events

The team spent most of its period playing in the Northern League. Therefore, most of the club’s significant events came in recent years. However, one of the most historical events in the team’s story was when they beat Roma 6-1 in their first-leg match in the 2021-22 UEL season. 

They also finished the group in second place, giving them a chance in the preliminary knockout round. The team got to the Quarter Finals but could not get past Roma as they lost 4-0 in Rome. Even though they won the first leg, it wasn’t enough to see them through.

Championships Won by Bodo Glimt

The team has won a few championships throughout its history. In that case, we’ve listed the various championships won by Bodo Glimt in their history. 

  • Eliteserien
  • 1 Divisjon
  • Norwegian Cup
  • North-Norwegian Championships


The team’s roster is balanced, with mostly budding players hitting their peak period. They have a top-talented team and would continue to look for ways to increase their chances of retaining the league title and going far in the UEFA European League. 

Bodo Glimt is an attacking team, and the coach maintains his 4-3-3 attacking formation that has worked well over the years. He would continue to field top players from the squad. Therefore, this season, we see the same players for most of their games. You can give Bodo Glimt betting a try, especially in the league.

The team participated in the transfer window to add more players to their squad list. They look for ways to remain competitive and build on their consecutive championship wins. Therefore, we expect them to keep pushing for the title this season. 

  • Top Arrivals: Gilbert Koomson, Anders Konradsen, Brice Wembangomo, Runar Espejord, Amahl Pellegrino.
  • Top Departures: Erik Botheim, Patrick Berg, Fredrik Bjorkan, Marius Lode, Elias Hoff Melkersen.

Bodo Glimt has a long history that spans more than 100 years. However, only a few coaches have positively impacted the team and helped them win many titles. These coaches have done exceptionally well for the team and would continue to be part of their history as some of the best coaches they’ve had throughout history. 

  • Kjetil Knutsen
  • Andreas Berg
  • Arvid Halvorsen
  • Oystein Gare
  • Kare Ingebrigtsen

Team Standings

Team Leaders


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