Crvena Zvezda

Crvena Zvezda

  • Location: Belgrade, serbia
  • Stadium: Rajko Mitić Stadium
  • Coach: Miloš Milojević
  • UEFA Europa League Titles: 0

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European Champion Clubs’ Cup: 2021-2022 , 2020-2021 , 2019-2020 , 2018-2019 , 2017-2018 , 2015-2016 , 2013-2014 , 2006-2007 , 2005-2006 , 2003-2004 , 2000-2001 , 2099-2000

European Champion Clubs’ Cup: 1990-1991 

Serbian Cup Winner: 2021-2022 , 2020-2021 , 2011-2012 , 2009-2010 , 2006-2007 , 2005-2006 , 2003-2004

Intercontinental Cup Winner: 1991-1992 

Mitropacup: 1967-1968 , 1957-1958

Mitropacup: 2001-2002 , 1999-2000 , 1998-1999 , 1996-1997 , 1995-1996 , 1994-1995 , 1992-1993 , 1989-1990 , 1984-1985 , 1981-1982 , 1970-1971 , 1969-1970 , 1967-1968 , 1963-1964 , 1958-1959 , 1957-1958 , 1949-1950 , 1948-1949 , 1947-1948


Yugoslavian Champion: 1994-1995 , 1991-1992 , 1990-1991 , 1989-1990 , 1987-1988 , 1983-1984 , 1980-1981 , 1979-1980 , 1976-1977 , 1972-1973 , 1969-1970 , 1968-1969 , 1967-1968 , 1963-1964 , 1959-1960 , 1958-1959 , 1956-1957 , 1955-1956 , 1952-1953 , 1950-1951 , 1945-1946

Crvena Zvezda is one of the top Serbian football clubs. It is a professional football club based in Belgrade, and since its inception, it has been part of the growing Serbian league and is one of the most successful teams in the country. Crvena Zvezda remains a top side with many championships in their collection. 

The team has been around for over 70 years and continues pushing for more success. They plan to become the most successful team in all of Serbia as they remain competitive in Europe. This season, they would want to go far in the UEFA Europa League and make it in the Serbian SuperLiga. 

Crvena Zvezda General Info

Crvena Zvezda is a club in Serbia based in Belgrade. The team’s full name is Fudbalski Klub Crvena Zvezda, which translates to Red Star Football Club. It has been around for over 70 years, playing its games at the Rajko Mitic Stadium in Belgrade. The stadium has a capacity of 53,000.

The team competes in the Serbian SuperLiga and the UEFA Europa League this season, with Milos Milojevic as the head coach. The team’s nickname is Zvezda or The Star. They also go by Crveno-beli, which means The Red-Whites. And their primary colors are red and white. They are a team to follow this season.

Crvena Zvezda History

The team’s story started in the Yugoslavia and Serbia-Montenegro period during World War II when a group of young men, students, members of the Serbian United Anti-fascist Youth League, and active players came together to form a club. Eventually, it became Red Star Belgrade, and on the 4th of March 1945, the club was official.

Crvena Zvezda stats started when they faced the First Battalion of the Second Brigade of KNOJ, and they won. From there, the team continued to grow, and its success began to show. The team got so good that it became Yugoslavia’s entry into the European competitions. And they kept pushing for more victory.

Crvena Zvezda Records

Crvena zvezda stats show that this team has had some impressive records over the years. The team is one of the most successful sides in Serbia. They have a solid history with many trophies and accolades. 

They hold the record for the first Serbian team to win a match in the UEFA Champions League after they defeated Liverpool. It was their first return to the competition that season since the new format was introduced. Therefore, it was an incredible season for the team and a continuation of their success story.

Championships Won

The team has won many titles over the years. They have the most championships on the domestic front. Their list of championships won starts from the various Yugoslav championships to the Serbian competitions. You can see that the team has had an incredible history with many titles to boast of and show.

On the international scene, they also have an incredible amount of titles compared to other teams in the league. You can see that this team is exciting and would continue to push for a return to their older European glory. Undoubtedly, the excitement continues, and you can see that the team is among the most successful in the world.

Historical Events

History has been good to Crvena Zvezda. The team continues to impress on different fronts. They’ve had many exciting events and would remain a top side in the league. One of their best moments came when they won the European and Intercontinental Cup.

They are the only Serbian team to have achieved this feat. And they also became the first Serbian team to secure a win in the new format of the UEFA Champions League. The team has its name in the sands of time together with other exciting European teams, and they would continue to proceed in the UEL.

Championships Won by Crvena Zvezda

The number of championships Crvena Zvezda has won is massive. They have a big trophy cabinet with victories from different competitions. You can see the team enjoying successes from various eras and adding more to their collections over the years. They do not stop winning titles and are a top-notch team. 

Below are the championships Crvena Zvezda has won over the years:

  • People’s Republic of Serbia League
  • Yugoslav First League 
  • First League of Serbia and Montenegro
  • Serbian SuperLiga 
  • Yugoslav Cup
  • Serbia and Montenegro Cup
  • Serbian Cup
  • Yugoslav Super Cup
  • Yugoslav League Cup
  • Yugoslav Summer Champions League
  • European Cup
  • Intercontinental Cup
  • Mitropa Cup


Crvena Zvezda is a balanced team with many players above 30 and 25. We can see that they are going for a more experienced side to ensure they can remain competitive throughout this season. Therefore, it is an impressive run for the team. 

We can see that they are an exciting side, and this season’s roster will keep them competitive, especially in the league. Therefore, Crvena Zvezda betting this season might just be worth the try.

Milos Milojevic is ready to risk it with his traditional 4-4-2 formation and consistent lineup. The coach looks to maintain a balance and ensure the team is in good shape throughout this season. Therefore, we see a consistent list of players on the lineup, and only in a few cases do we see changes.

The team also participated in the 2022-23 transfer window, with a few players moving on from the team and new faces joining the race. So, below are some of the top arrivals and departures. 

  • Top Arrivals: Osman Bukari, Aleksandar Pesic, Kings Kangwa, Kalifa Coulibaly, Irakli Azarovi.

Top Departures: Milan Gajic, Srdjan Babic, Ohi Omoijuanfo, Milan Pavkov, Cristiano Piccini.

Red Start has had a long history, and several coaches have been part of that story. Over the years, some of these managers have helped win titles for the club, and with that, we want to see some of Crvena Zvezda’s best coaches. 

  • Ljupko Petrovic
  • Milovan Ciric
  • Miorad Pavic
  • Brank Stankovic
  • Miljan Miljanic

Team Standings

Team Leaders


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