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Serie A Matchups

Over the years, Serie A has had a reputation for being brutal and having tough defenders, making it hard for strikers to score plenty of goals.

However, we’ve had many great finishers enter the league and break the jinx. Although we don’t know what to expect for each new season, we now have players hitting 20+ goals and teams getting 70+.

Aside from the improvement in goals scored, the matchups have become tighter, and many rivalries have developed across the league. The Serie A is certainly more fun to watch, and it hasn’t lost its competitiveness.   


The league doesn’t lack goalscorers, and we see the number increase every year. We have multiple players scoring 10+ goals in a season across the league, spreading the scores perfectly.

The league is high-scoring, with many games that end in many goals between both sides. It rarely ends goalless, and in many cases, both teams end up scoring in the game. 


The great thing about the Serie A is the matchups and history that comes with them. The war rages across the league from the Milano Derby to the Turin rivalry and Roma showdown. We’ve seen teams that are not doing well in the league switch up whenever they face their local rivals. 

Aside from the rivalries, we have incredible matches that make the league even more fun, especially when the season ends and teams are either trying to win, qualify for the UCL, or avoid relegation. 

Understanding Records and Points Spreads

The Serie A has different records, especially the various matchups and teams with a long history of facing each other.

These records go back many years and are sure to continue into the future, and they do affect how the matches turn because, for some reason, rivalries are played differently from regular matches.

These records now affect the points’ spreads, and sometimes you can tell how it may push the spread line, whether it’s justified or not. 

Serie A Records

Records are simply how a team has been faring over the past few seasons or years. They can be specific to a particular tie or generic based on the team’s overall performance leading up to the next tie. These records come in different options that you can decide to check out, and when you do, it gives insight into the team.

However, when checking the team’s records, it is easy to lose track and go many years back. We recommend staying within a reasonable number of years or seasons.

A five-year record is enough to give you all the information you need to decide. Therefore, you shouldn’t go farther back than that.  

Points Spreads

Points Spreads are simply a way for sportsbooks to even out the odds for teams facing each other. They are usually indicated with + or -, depending on which team is the underdog or favorite.

Oddsmakers use records to determine the point spreads of the matchup. They also use scores, trends, and other stats to determine what team should be the favorite or the underdog.

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