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Serie A Standings

Introduction to Serie A Standings

Serie A is a competitive league with many exciting moments. We’ve seen many games happen each season with incredible moments, and it has been top-notch. Although some seasons haven’t gone as well as others, Serie A is still some to multiple Champions League winners and top-notch players.

Since the beginning of the league, the Serie A has been one of the best in the world, and we’ve seen why it is a popular league in the world. Teams work hard to keep the fight on to ensure there are no free passes, even though at some point Juventus went on a 9-year dominating run, which Inter Milan ended.

Everything about the Serie A standings is based on who wants it the most. The team with the most hunger will play better and increase their winning chances. It is usually a long season starting in August and ending in May. Any team with the most consistency would most likely win the league for that long. 

Importance of Serie A Standings for Bettors

If you plan on going for Serie A picks, you should know that the standings are essential as they will give the best information to you, and once you can follow them, you’ll have a better view of the league. Therefore, before you start betting on this league, you should keep in mind that you should check the Serie A standings. 

There are many reasons to do this. It will tell you about the current standings and how the teams are performing currently. Aside from that, you’ll get the information you need for a particular team and its different forms. For instance, if a team is playing at home, you can look at its home form to see if it has been doing well at home.

You can also do that for the away team. Doing this can improve your chances of placing better bets, increasing your winning chances. Aside from that, the standings also help you understand how to bet on Serie A by giving you the different classes of teams available in the league.

Although when the league just starts, you might have to look at the previous season when you want to run your analysis. However, you can start running analysis based on the current season once we get halfway or even a few games in. Sometimes we even have teams showing where they might end their season. Therefore, if you want to bet on Serie A, the standings are crucial.

How Serie A Season Works

The Serie A season is not too different from the other top leagues in Europe. It starts in August, and the first round of games begins. We have 38 rounds in a regular season, whereby each team will play the other 19 teams at home and away from home. The points sharing is the same for home and away matches.

A win will get you three points, a draw one, and a loss means you don’t get anything. The points each team accumulate is calculated over the 38 match weeks, and in the end, the team with the most points will win the league. It doesn’t even matter if it is by a single point. Once the matches are done, the team with the most points will win the Scudetto. 

However, there are seasons when the points tally might be the same for a few teams. There are other metrics to decide the winner. These start from the goal difference. The team with the most goal difference will win. Aside from that, other metrics they check in the league include head-to-head, goal scored, goal against, and the number of wins.

Other than having a winner, the other top three teams make it to the UEFA Champions League next season. The other two in the top 6 positions will enter the Europa League competition, and the 7th best team in the standings will go to the UEFA Conference League. Finally, the bottom three teams are relegated to the Serie B.

Serie A Standings Frequently Asked Questions

Juventus has the most consecutive league title wins, with 9 wins in a stretch.

The Serie A can have more than four teams in the UCL if any team outside the top four wins the champions league or Europa League competition.

The Milan derby is the most popular and biggest rivalry in the league. It has been a battle that even neutrals look forward to watching for years.

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