Serie A Team Stats

  • Atalanta B.C.
  • Bologna F.C. 1909
  • Cagliari Calcio
  • Empoli F.C.
  • ACF Fiorentina
  • Genoa C.F.C.
  • Inter Milan
  • Juventus F.C.
  • S.S. Lazio
  • A.C. Milan
  • S.S.C. Napoli
  • A.S. Roma
  • U.S. Salernitana 1919
  • U.C. Sampdoria
  • U.S. Sassuolo Calcio
  • Spezia Calcio
  • Torino F.C.
  • Udinese Calcio
  • Venezia F.C.
  • Udinese Calcio
  • Venezia F.C.
  • Hellas Verona F.C.

Everyone knows how competitive Serie A Standings are, especially among cliques. We have teams separated by rivalry and derbies.

In addition to that, they are also separated by ambitions and other factors. As a result, Serie A is one incredible league in Europe, and it is among the top leagues in the world. 

The league comprises 20 teams across Italy, and they travel to play the other 19 teams. Each team will play at home and on the road for the entirety of the league from August to May, like most top leagues in Europe.

Since the start of the league, we’ve had dominating forces that have won the league multiple time. 

Understanding Serie A Teams Stats

Serie A teams are intense, and most of their playing style revolves around defensive compactness, and it is improved with sharp poachers with an eye for goal.

So, the teams with the best attackers generally win more than they lose. As a result, they get to dominate the league for many years.

The top teams continue to represent the league in Europe, and they’ve also experienced massive successes in those European competitions.

As we continue to enjoy Serie A and watch different teams from across the country win the league, the teams are categorized in the following manner.

The category shows how they start the new season even if they had a bad season in the previous one. 

The Big Four

In the Serie A, some teams have made a name for themselves that would last a lifetime throughout the entire league.

We have teams that have been at the top for decades and they remain the big four. These teams get the shout to win the league every season.

And they also make it to the champions. However, there are a few seasons in which some have fallen short of their potential. 

Top Teams

The big four are also part of the top teams in the league. However, there are others that put up a good fight against these big four and are ready to replace them whenever they slip up.

These other top teams are ahead of the other teams in the league, and they usually make up the remaining spots for the following season’s European competitions.  

European Spots

Qualifying for the UEFA Champions League is the next big thing in Serie A after winning the league. And you can only do this by winning the UCL, UEL, Scudetto, or being a part of the top four teams at the end of the season. In this case, teams fight every season to make it to these spots.

However, those that fail to enter the top four can also try the other European spots from 5th to 7th positions. 

Mid Table

Below the top teams are the mid-table teams that usually cause a problem for the top teams and put up a fight throughout the season.

These teams can take title hopes away from the top teams and make qualification for Europe even harder. However, they have their problems as they try to avoid the relegation battles and the drop zone every season because any slip-up will take them out of the safe zones. 

Relegation Battles

Every season we get relegation battles and we see teams face each other for a chance to stay in the Serie A for another season.

Even though 40 points from 38 games might be enough to survive, it is not usually as easy as it seems. It might get to the end of the season before they can survive.

However, it is always exciting to watch the teams battle it out at the end of the season. 

In some cases, we even see some top teams get dragged into this battle to stay alive. However, most times the battle is between the newcomers, and if they’re not good enough to stay, they will have to return to the Serie B to try coming back to the first division next season.  

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