FC Zürich

FC Zürich

  • Location: Zürich, Switzerland
  • Stadium: Stadion Letzigrund
  • Coach: Bo Henriksen
  • UEFA Europa League Titles: 0

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Swiss Champion: 2021-2022 , 2008-2009 , 2006-2007 , 2005-2006 , 1980-1981 , 1975-1976 , 1974-1975 , 1973-1974 , 1967-1968 , 1965-1966 , 1962-1963 , 1923-1924 , 1901-1902

Swiss Cup Winnerr: 2017-2018 , 2015-2016 , 2013-2014 , 2004-2005 , 1999-2000 , 1975-1976 , 1972-1973 , 1971-1972 , 1969-1970 , 1965-1966

Schweizer Ligapokalsieger: 1980-1981

Fussballclub Zurich, or simply FCZ, is one of the top teams in Switzerland that has been around for many years dominating the Swiss Super League. This team has had a solid history since it was created, and for many years, they’ve gone on to create exciting records across Europe and Switzerland.

They’re part of the teams participating in the 2022/23 UEFA Europa League season and want to make it as far as possible. Or even go as far as becoming the first Swiss team to lift a significant European trophy, following their victory in the UEFA Intertoto Cup before it was discontinued in 2009.

FC Zurich General Info

Zurich stats over the years show that they are a formidable side with an impressive record. They’ve spent many years dominating one of the top 20 leagues in Europe. FC Zurich’s current home stadium is the Stadion Letzigrund. Also, the team has a squad size of 27, giving them access to enough depth to compete in Europe and their domestic league.

The team has claimed many championships. Therefore, Zurich betting in the Swiss Super League is popular. Currently, Ancillo Canepa is the club’s president, with Bo Henriksen leading the charge for the season. Aside from being called Fussballclub Zurich or FC Zurich, the team is called Der Stadtclub, translating to The City Club.

FC Zurich History

The club’s journey started in 1896 when it was formed by former members of two local teams, FC Excelsior and FC Turicum. The official date it was created was set to August 1, 1896. Interestingly, one of the founders, Joan Gamper, became FC Barcelona’s founder. He played for FC Excelsior and FC Zurich between 1894 and 1897.

The club’s first official game was on the 30th of August 1896 against FC Phonix St. Gallen, which ended in a 3-3 draw. The club’s first color, blue and white, was changed to red and white, but they returned to blue and white in 1909 after Grasshopper Club retired temporarily.

Since its first official game, the team has won many championships, especially in the Super League, and they continue to impress.

FC Zurich Records

The records show FC Zurich dominated the Swiss Super League and other domestic competitions. Although they’ve struggled in Europe, they are the first and only Swiss team to enter the UEFA Champions League semi-final. Aside from that, they’ve made strides in their history.

They started winning titles in the 1901/02 season. Since then, they’ve won many championships, and we expect them to keep pushing for more. They will also want to add European accolades to their records as well.

Championships Won

FC Zurich schedule started their major trophy-winning run with a Swiss Championship in the 1901/02 season, a few years after they joined the league. However, after that victory, they couldn’t get any title until the 1923/24 season, and they had to wait for some more decades before getting their hands on another title.

They won another competition in the 1965/66 season following an impressive season, and since then, they’ve been a top-notch team in Switzerland. They’ve won multiple titles over the years, and we believe they would add more to their collection after their 2021/22 title win that came after waiting for over a decade.

Historical Events

Since their first official match, FC Zurich has had many historical eras in the sport. However, there was an unfortunate period where they had to play in the lower division after being relegated in the 1933/34 season. But after a hard-fought series of battles, they returned to the top division.

From 1960, the team enjoyed a glorious era tagged the Golden Years. They won many trophies and solidified their name as one of the top teams in Switzerland. They continue to deliver at the highest level and are one of the teams always representing the country in Europe.

Championships Won by Zurich

FC Zurich has won multiple championships throughout its history. They started with the Super League, winning the competition 13 times, with the most recent victory coming in the 2021/22 season, which gave them a chance to participate in Europe. Over the years, the team has won the following championships.

  • Super League
  • Challenge League
  • Swiss Cup
  • Swiss League Cup


The team has a diverse squad with players from different nationalities. They also have a mix of youngsters and experienced names on the roster to ensure that the team is balanced and they would have enough firepower to compete at the highest level. They would certainly give other teams a tough time in the UEL and other competitions

FC Zurich has an exciting lineup. They use the 3-4-1-2 formation to ensure enough coverage for the defense and midfield. Yanick Brecher is the first-choice goalkeeper. Katic, Aliti, and Kamberi are the three-person defensive line.

In the midfield five, we have Gurrero, Conde, Selnaes, Boranijase, and Dzemaili. Finally, Aiyegun Tosin and Jonathan Okita play in a two-man forward.

Like many teams across Europe, FC Zurich had a few arrivals and departures before the start of the 2022/23 season. Below are some of the team’s arrivals and departures during the last transfer window.

  • Top arrivals: Ole Selnaes, Ivan Santini, Nikola Katic, Jonathan Okita, and Donis Avidaj
  • Top departures: Wilfred Gnoto, Assan Ceesay, Ousmane Doumbia, Blaz Kramer, and Stephen Seiler. 

FC Zurich has had some exciting coaches, and some have contributed positively to the team. In that case, we’ve listed five of the best coaches to work at the club. 

  • Lous Maurer
  • Freidhelm Konietzka
  • Juan Schwanner
  • Daniel Jeandupeux
  • Raimondo Ponte

Team Standings

Team Leaders


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