• Location: Trabzon, Turkey
  • Stadium: Akyazı Stadium
  • Coach: Abdullah Avcı
  • UEFA Europa League Titles: 0

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Turkish Champion: 2021-2022 , 1983-1984 , 1980-1981 , 1979-1980 , 1978-1979 , 1976-1977 , 1975-1976

Turkish Cup Winner: 2019-2020 , 2009-2010 , 2003-2004 , 2002-2003 , 1994-1995 , 1991-1992 , 1983-1984 , 1977-1978 , 1976-1977

Turkish Super Cup Winner: 2022-2023 , 2020-2021 , 2010-2011 , 1994-1995 , 1982-1983 , 1979-1980 , 1978-1979 , 1977-1978 , 1976-1977 , 1975-1976

Turkey is a top soccer nation with many top clubs. Trabzonspor is one of the top teams in the country, and they’re part of the clubs fighting for the UEFA Europa League title. They continue to give us exciting historical moments and will remain a top pick, thanks to the impressive Trabzonspor stats, especially in the Turkish Super Lig.

The team has had some exciting periods in its history, and playing in Europe remains at the top of the pile. Even though like many Turkish teams, they’ve not won the major European trophies, the team still has an incredible history in these tournaments.

Trabzonspor General Info

Trabzonspor is a Turkish sports club located at the heart of Trabzon since it was formed many decades ago. The full name of this club is Trabzonsport Kulubu, and its most famous nickname is Karadeniz Firtinasi, which translates to Black Sea Storm. The team plays its games at the Akyazi Stadium, which has a capacity of 40,782.

The current president is Ahmet Agaoglu, and Abdullah Avci manages the team for the 2022/23 UEFA Europa League season. They remain an exciting team ready to take on Europe and seal a top spot in their league. The goal of the Trabzonspor schedule next year will be to make it into next season’s UEFA Champions League.

Trabzonspor History

The club’s story started in 1921 when Trabzon Idman Ocagi was founded, and in 1967 when several local teams, including Idman Ocagi, merged, Trabzonspor was created. And since then, they’ve been a formidable team in the league.

Although it took some time before they became champions, they were a formidable force rivaling the likes of Besiktas, Fenerbahce, and Galatasaray in the Super Lig. Throughout history, the team has won different championships and cemented itself as one of the best teams in the league’s history.

Trabzonspor Records

If you want to join the list of bettors who consider Trabzonspor betting, you should know that they have a better-than-average record. The team has displayed an efficient playing style that has brought about more exciting experiences. They’ve had top-notch records from the Super Lig to the Turkish Cup and other championships.

Trabzonspor is a team of champions, and even though they’ve had to compete against some of the best teams in the league, they’ve done well. The team has impressed us on many levels and will continue to give us much more exciting experiences. So, we expect them to go for more accolades, especially on the European front.

Championships Won

The team has won multiple champions since the start. Although it took them almost a decade to get their first championship title, they’ve delivered numerous wins over the years. Their first title was in 1975, which was the Cyprus Peace Cup. However, their first major title was the Super Lig championship in the 1975-76 season.

In the following season, they got another championship win. And this time, it was coupled with the Turkish Cup, Turkish Super Cup, and Prime Minister’s Cup. They dominated the league for some years before going on a long title drought until their victory in the 2021-22 Super Lig season.

Historical Events

After the club’s formation in 1967, they received a set of kits from Aston Villa, a top English club. And many people believed that the team adopted the claret and blue colors because of this gesture.

Aside from that, the team was close to winning the Super Liga for the first time since they won it in the 1983-84 season but lost only on goal difference. They were a formidable side that season, but they couldn’t get enough goals. They eventually returned to Super Lig glory after winning the title in the 2021-22 season.

Championships Won by Trabzonspor

Over the years, the team has a collection of titles and has dominated most domestic competitions. We can see they have what it takes to become a top team but would need to do better. In that case, below are the championships won by this club since it was formed in 1967.  

  • Super Lig
  • Turkish Cup
  • Turkish Super Cup
  • Prime Minister’s Cup
  • Cyprus Peace Cup


The Trabzonspor roster is filled with experienced players who have been in the game for many years. The team also has many youngsters looking to kickstart their footballing careers. Therefore, they have an exciting team competing at a high pace in the Super Lig and other European competitions.

The Trabzonspor lineup has been the same since the start of the season, and the coach has employed one of the most famous formations, 4-2-3-1. Ugurcan Cakir remains the top goalkeeping choice, with Elmali, Vitor Hugo, Bartra, and Stryger La taking the four-person defense line.

In the midfield, we have veteran central midfielders Marek Hamsik and Jean-Phillipe Gbamin. The three advanced midfielders are Bardhi, Bakasetas, and Mahmoud Tr. Finally, Umut Bozok leads the frontline.

Trabzonspor also participated in the transfer window, with some players coming into the team and some leaving. Check out some top arrivals and departures for the 2022-23 season. 

  • Top Arrivals: Yusuf Yazici, Maxi Gomez, Mahmoud Trezeguet, Jean-Phillippe Gbamin, and Enis Bardhi
  • Top Departures: Ahmetcan Kaplan, Andreas Cornelius, Anthony Nwakaeme, Berat Ozdemir, and Fousseni Diabate.

Trabzonspor had several top coaches throughout their history, especially those that gave the team some of the best experiences throughout their golden era when they dominated the Super Lig. These coaches brought the shine to the club and formed a solid career with the team. In that case, let’s check out some of Trabzonspor’s best coaches over the years. 

  • Senol Funes
  • Abdullah Avci
  • Ahmet Suat Ozyazici
  • Vahid Halilhodzic
  • Ali Kemal Denizci

Team Standings

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