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Europa League Matchups

The UEFA Europa League competition is a second-tier tournament for football teams in Europe. The competition consists of teams that failed to fill the 32 slots available in the UEFA Champions League. Before the change, we had 48 teams battling it out for the Europa League trophy every season.

However, the introduction of the UEFA Conference League competition has reduced the number of participating teams to 32. Therefore, similarly to the UEFA Champions League, we have eight groups with four teams each. 

The difference is that eight teams from the UCL will make their way down to the UEL to play in the preliminary knockout round against teams that came second in the group stage. Therefore, there is a knockout round before the round of 16 already occupied by the top eight teams from the group stage games. 

The matches continue until only two teams are left, and both teams will face off in a one-off final game, with the best team winning the competition on the night. You should also know that the third-placed teams would relegate to the UEFA Europa Conference League once the group stage games are done. 

Europa League Scores and Matchups

The competition starts with 32 teams grouped in eight groups of four. Each unit is expected to play six games throughout the group stages. The team with the most points end up in first place, and they get automatic qualification into the round of 16. The second-placed teams have to play in the preliminary stages of the knockout phase. 

Each matchup has two legs. During the group matches, a win will give the teams three points, and a draw means they have to share a point apiece. However, no points are awarded for a win or draw during the knockout phases. Both teams have to fight over two legs, and the team with the better aggregate would move to the next round. 

In the group phase, the teams are separated by points before other metrics such as goals difference, scored, and against goals. However, in the knockout stage, aggregate is used based on which team has the most goals after the second leg. This continues until the final, where the remaining two teams play a single-leg match to determine the Europa League champion. 

Understanding Records and Points Spreads

The competition has different records over the years that tells you how a particular team has performed during their time in the competition. These records point to their historical performance and other things such as wins, losses, goals scored, goals conceded, and much money. 

These records will let you know who to bet on and who you should avoid whenever you want a team to win a particular game. You can always try to check their recent records against the teams they want to play. If it’s the first time, you should check their performances and records in the competition and others they are participating in.

Sportsbooks also use these records to assign points spreads lines to matchups. With these options, there is a somewhat level playing field where you can bet on the underdogs and still win even if they lose. So, point spreads offer an exciting betting option for bettors, giving the hedge you need, especially when you want to back an underdog. 

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