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Europa League Standings

Introduction to Europa League Standings

The second-tier of European competition is as competitive as the top tournament. The UEFA Europa League offers teams a chance to enter next season’s UCL if they can win the competition. However, it is a long season since more teams compete for the title. 

At the start, we have all the originally qualified teams for the competition; 48 of them are grouped into 12 groups, and two from each group will qualify for the round of 32. However, to complete these 32 teams that were 3rd in the UCL, eight of them will join the 24 top teams from the UEL. 

However, this format was changed in the 2021/2022 season when the UEFA Conference League was created. There are now eight groups of four teams, whereby the teams leading the groups qualify for the round of 16, the 2nd-placed teams go to the round of 32, and the teams in the 3rd position will compete in the UECL. 

Like the old format, the 3rd-placed teams from the UCL will still compete in the round of 32. But there is more incentive for teams to want to get first place. Making the Europa standings during the group stage important. 

Importance of Standings for Bettors

With the change in format, the group stage standings in the Europa League have become very attractive, and whenever you make Europa picks, you have to put them into consideration.

For instance, when the competition is only just starting, you don’t have much to go with, but once we get to the closing stages of the group rounds, you want to see the competition at the top. That will give you an idea of how important the next tie is for the teams involved.  

Since teams will like to avoid playing that extra game, we expect them to put in the extra work. Therefore, it will aid your betting to look at the standings and check which teams have the chance to qualify. 

How Europa Season Works

If you want to understand how to bet on Europa, you need to consider a few things, and one of them is understanding how a regular season works. It is like most competition, although teams from the UCL will join up in the round of 32.

In the past, we had 48 teams in the group stages. However, because of the change, there are now 32, eliminating the additional 16 spots to make up the Conference League. As a result, the first-placed teams will gain automatic qualification to the round of 16. 

In the round of 32, teams from the UCL still compete with the 2nd-placed teams from the ground stages, and the eight that win will go to the round of 16 to join the eight top teams in the UEL. 

From the round of 16 to the final, teams will be eliminated in a 2-legged home and away matchup, and the last two teams will face off in a single match to decide the Europa League champions. These winners will get automatic qualification to the following season’s UCL.  

UEL Standings Frequently Asked Questions

The teams in 4th position are out of all European competition as there is no place for them anywhere.

Aside from using points, the teams are ranked based on goal difference, goals scored, goals conceded, and head-to-head in rare cases.

Since the away goal rule has been removed, the tie will go straight to extra time, and if there are no winners after that, it is decided by a penalty shootout.

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