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UEFA Europa League Team Stats

We’ve seen many teams play in the Europa League competition for many years, and they’ve offered us exciting shows over the years.

Even though the Europa League is the 2nd-tier competition in Europe, it has been a competitive tournament that many teams want to win.

The fact that teams can win the tournament and get automatic qualification to the UCL has made it even more attractive for teams struggling in their respective leagues.

Therefore, the competition is home to the different exciting groups that all want a shot at the biggest trophy in European club football. 

However, teams that fail in the Europa League group phase might settle for the 3rd-tier competition. Teams from different leagues, especially England and Spain, have been the dominant forces, and they keep making providing incredible stats. 

  • Lyon
  • Rangers
  • Sparta Prague
  • Brondby
  • Monaco
  • PSV
  • Real Sociedad
  • Sturm Graz
  • Napoli
  • Leicester
  • Spartak Moscow
  • Legia Warsaw
  • Olympiakos
  • Eintracht
  • Fenerbahçe
  • Antwerp
  • Lazio
  • Lokomotiv M.
  • Marseille
  • Galatasaray
  • Sporting Braga
  • Red Star Belgrade
  • Ludogorets
  • Midjylland
  • Leverkusen
  • Celtic
  • Betis
  • Ferencváros
  • Dinamo Z.
  • Genk
  • West Ham
  • Rapid Vienna

Understanding Europa League Teams Stats

The Europa League teams’ stat has been tight because they are not too far apart whenever they face off. It has always been an exciting competition because of how the teams are set up.

Therefore, we see them put their all into games, and with the away goal rule out, teams can be more offensive. They score more goals, increasing the teams’ statistics. 

However, there are different phases to the competition, and like others, teams have to play home and away games until the final, where there are only two left. The final match is played at a neutral ground in one of the stadiums across Europe. 

Group Stage

The competition starts with the group phase, where the teams are grouped into different groups of four. Each team will play the other three times, and after they completely play six games each, the team with the best stats and most points will top the group, followed by the second-best, and so on. The top two qualify for the knockout rounds.   

Automatic Qualification Spots

With the format change, the 1st-placed teams do not participate in the round of 32. Therefore, they get automatic qualification to the round of 16 to face the best eight teams from the first stage of the knockout phase. As a result, teams will be fighting to get first place because there is more to gain there. 

Conference League Spots

The first two teams in all eight groups will qualify for the knockout phase. However, the team in the 3rd position will not be eliminated, but they will have to compete in the Conference League. And winning the UECL will guarantee them a place in the Europa League the following season. 

Home and Away Teams

Teams play each other in different ties at home and away from home. The goal is to win on both grounds. And since there is no more away goal rule, there’s no big difference between winning at home or away. All that matters now is to win on aggregate. But during the group phase, the aggregate might not count. 

Knockout Phase

Once the group stage round is done, and the 16 best teams from the round are decided, eight teams in the second place will play in the round of 32, facing teams from the UCL.

The best teams from this round will join the eight that gained automatic qualification to the round of 16.  Then, they play for a place in the quarterfinals.

After that, we move to the semifinal stage, where we have four teams fighting for the remaining two spots in the final. Then, the last two teams face off in a showdown to decide the UEL champion. 

UCL Qualification

The final two have the chance to win the competition and get automatic qualifications to the UCL. Therefore, there is more incentive to win the tournament, especially if one of the teams can’t qualify automatically in its respective league. Winning the UEL is a great opportunity for struggling teams.

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