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Introduction to Tennis Betting

There have been stories about tennis being around for thousands of years. Tennis historians have claimed that the sport was even played by the ancient Greeks. Throughout the years, the game has evolved into various different forms of play. The traditional form of tennis we know today is originally called real or royal tennis. Royal tennis is still played today but features more complex rules. The game of tennis betting that we know combines enough rules with enough freedom to lead to an exciting match. 

The highest level of tennis players play on the ATP Tour and travel all over the entire world.

Tennis has four main major tournaments which are known as the Grand Slam tournaments in the tennis world. These are highly competitive and often lead to good opportunities for tennis bettors which we will discuss later. 

The four tournaments draw plenty of traction for the sport and are what professional tennis players strive to win. If a player wins all four tournaments they would be considered a Grand Slam Champion. 

There have been numerous marketable stars who have emerged from the sport as well. Players such as Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal, Serena and Venus Williams, Pete Sampras, and many others are well-known in the entire sports world even beyond tennis. The attention these players help draw to the sport is beneficial for the gambling aspect as well. Although tennis may not be the most popular betting sport in the United States, it is quite popular around the world. 

There are plenty of in-depth ways to bet on tennis besides simply picking a winner and hoping that your selection turns out correct. Today, we will be explaining all that pertains to betting on tennis.

Tennis Betting Picks

The most popular betting tactic is choosing a winner for any given match. As in other sports, a moneyline is provided and you will be able to research the expected winner. As per other forms of betting, taking the underdog will typically make you more money if your prediction comes to fruition. The moneyline will provide given odds for each player. The player with a – sign next to their name is the favorite while the player with a + symbol next to their name would be the underdog. Betting the moneyline is the most straightforward form of betting in tennis. But there are plenty of other bets that can earn you quality money. 

There are spreads in tennis. However, there are game and set spreads. Game spreads come down to how many games a player wins by. For example, if a player is listed at -2.5, they would need to win at least three more games than their opponent in the entire set. But for spread sets, the line would come down to how many sets if a player wins. So if the spread reads -1.5, a player would need to win two consecutive sets. 

You can bet on future events as well. Bettors can select a winner for a future event before it begins. So if the U.S Open is scheduled to begin sometime in the future, a bettor can still place their bets. 

As in any sport, bettors can predict how many total games will be played in a set. This can be difficult to predict, but there are sportsbooks and expert predictions to guide bettors to making a strong and educated bet for the total. 

While there are other forms of betting in tennis, these are the ones that are most common. When executed correctly, bettors can do quite well when betting on these categories in tennis matches. 

Tennis Betting Odds

Understanding odds in any sport is of the utmost necessity for sports bettors. Whether you are at an actual tennis match, or simply wanting to place a bet in Vegas, knowing what the odds represent is a necessity.

Tennis odds have a number of similarities to other sports. As aforementioned above, the favorite will have a – sign next to their name. The – sign is indicative of how much money you would put in to earn $100 dollars. Since this is the favorite, the profit you stand to gain will not be as much compared to choosing the underdog. The underdog is represented by a + sign alongside their name. If someone places a bet on the underdog, the number next to the + sign is how much money they could stand to make on a $100 dollar bet. 

Covering the spread is similar. We discussed earlier that a player may be a -2.5-point favorite for how many games they were expected to win. So as long as they win three or more games than their opponent, they would cover the spread and you would win the bet. 

Combining moneyline and spread bets can lead to massive paydays if done properly. But doing research and making educated bets is key to making every bet count. 

Tennis Betting Stats

Learning how to understand tennis statistics is vital for bettors. If you are unfamiliar with how stats work and what they mean, doing research will not help bettors all that much. So without further ado, let’s take a look at the most prevalent statistics in tennis.

The score of tennis is kept via points. However, it is scored in a different fashion that tends to confuse casual or nonfans. The first point in tennis is equivalent to 15 points. So the first point of a game would make the score 15-0. The second point is 30, and the third is 40. Once a player gets past 40, they would get the win unless the game is tied at 40-40. In tennis, 40-40 is called “deuce”.” Deuce is basically just another term for saying overtime. A player can then win a game following the deuce point. 

The break point is another term for game point when the opponent is serving. So if a player is winning 15-40, it would be a break point since the returner is one point away from winning the opponent’s serve. 

Ace is a popular term in tennis you will hear quite often. Similar to volleyball, an ace refers to a serve that is unable to be returned by the receiver. Ace stats are tracked and there are even ace percentages kept by tennis scorekeepers. 

Servers get a maximum of two serves to get the ball in the opponent’s correct square. If the first serve misses the mark, the server then gets a second serve. However, if that serve were to miss as well it is labeled a “double fault” and the point would be awarded to the returner. 

There are forced and unforced errors. An unforced error is simply a mistake made by a player. For example, a player tries to hit a return too hard and ends up hitting it out of bounds. But a forced error occurs when a player makes a mistake that is forced by their opponent. This could occur when an opponent hits a tremendous shot and the returner does all they can to get the ball over the net but the ball ends up hitting the base of the net. Another example would be if the ball does not get squared up with a player’s racket. 

There are other statistics in tennis, but these will provide you with a basic understanding of how the game is played. 

Tennis Betting Trends

Tennis Betting has some unique trends worth mentioning.

Some players are seriously affected by what surface they play on. If a player has posted good statistics for the season but struggles on clay courts, it may be smart to avoid betting on him at a clay court. Obviously, hard courts are the most common courts you will find in professional tennis, and most players perform well on them. But it is important to check and see what kind of court a match is on before locking in your bets. 

Head-to-head records are very important in tennis. Players tend to face off with one another on multiple occasions and may alter their style of play based on the opponent. Looking at head-to-head records will provide bettors with the necessary information that should not be ignored. 

Taking a look at how many unforced errors a player has made over their past five matches or so can lead to good bets. Tennis is a highly mental game, and all athletes go through mental slumps at one time or another. So if you find that a player is constantly making unforced errors, this could be a major red flag before a tournament. 

Checking their against the spread (ATS) record is important as well. Understanding how well players have done ATS can lead bettors to be successful as spread bets in future events. ATS records can also help with over/under and prop bets. 

How to Bet Tennis

Looking at expert tennis predictions, stats, trends, and odds is crucial for betting on tennis. However, once a tennis bettor grows more confident in their craft they can begin formulating their own lines and odds which they can compare with those of sportsbooks. This is the difference between reading a random sportsbook and using their prediction, and actually thinking for yourself and placing an educated bet. 

It should be remembered that no form of betting is completely bulletproof. Unless your luck is truly incredible, you are going to lose money at some point. Bettors should be responsible and smart in how much money they are willing to place on any event. But when done correctly, betting on tennis can be a lot of fun and lead to a number of big paydays. 

Tennis Rankings

Tennis Betting Frequently Asked Questions

Betting on any sport varies on a state-to-state basis. You will want to research and find out if betting on tennis is legal in your current location.

Once again, this depends on which state you are in. Some states require you to be 21 while others allow you to be 18.

Many states allow bettors to bet online. However, you will once again want to check your state’s laws and restrictions on the matter.

There is not one best sportsbook. But experienced bettors tend to find sportsbooks they trust the most over time. But this all comes down to a matter of opinion.

Sportsbook odds stem from oddsmakers who create odds and lines in accordance with a tennis match. They are not always perfect, but they do a good job of summarizing projections. It should be noted that sportsbooks are constantly changing lines and odds based on varying factors.

Bettors must first find a legal sportsbook in their state, and then they can choose how much money they want to bet on a match.

ESPN and other sports websites often provide quality statistics. If you google trends online for a certain upcoming tennis match you will also find results.

Yes, there are sportsbooks that have live betting for tennis matches.

You can bet on tennis any time of the year thanks to future betting.

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