Wimbledon Odds

Wimbledon is one of the most prestigious and oldest tennis events in the world. Traditionally played on outdoor grass courts at the All England Club, Wimbledon is not only one of the most heavily-anticipated tennis events of the year but also a big hit amongst tennis fans and bettors.

Betting on Wimbledon is quite popular, so it’s not too shocking to know that Wimbledon odds are available on all online sportsbooks. However, while you won’t struggle to find tennis odds on this Grand Slam tournament, you should know a few things about Wimbledon before deciding on your tennis picks.

Wimbledon History

Wimbledon Championship is the third tennis Grand Slam tournament of the year, traditionally held in late June and early July. It takes place after the Australian Open, the French Open, and ahead of the U.S. Open, as the only tournament still played on natural grass.

The first Wimbledon Championship was held in 1877 on the croquet lawns of the All England Croquet and Lawn Tennis Club. Although men were competing in the tournament from the beginning, the first women’s championship wasn’t introduced until seven years later (1884).

Throughout its history, the most important year remains 1968, which marked the beginning of the Open Era for all Grand Slam tournaments. It accepted professional players for the first time in history, having been contested only between amateurs before that.

Wimbledon has crowned countless champions since 1877, yet out of all title holders, only a few stand out from the rest. Roger Federer is the current most successful player, with eight titles between 2003-2017 and five consecutive between 2003-2007.

The closest two players in the Open Era are Pete Sampras, with seven titles between 1993-2000, and Novak Djokovic, who has won six Wimbledon titles between 2011-2021. The three, besides Björn Borg, are also the only four players in history to win more than three Wimbledon titles since the Open Era began.

On the ladies’ side, Martina Navratilova is the most successful player with nine titles between 1978-1990, followed by Helen Wills Moody with eight (none in Open Era), and Dorothea Lambert Chambers with seven (none in Open Era). Interestingly, the Williams sisters are the second and third-most successful players at Wimbledon in Open Era, with seven titles for Serena and five for Venus

Wimbledon Predictions

Novak Djokovic is the current favorite to win the 2022 Wimbledon, which is fair. He has won the tournament six times since 2011, including all of the last three iterations in 2018, 2019, and 2021.

Even though Djokovic has not had the best start to the 2022 season, he remains the most successful player in Wimbledon in the last four years and is one of the most efficient players on the grass courts. It will take a lot to stop him, and there aren’t many players in the field that can do so.

Matteo Berrettini could cause him some problems as a 2021 finalist, but until we see more from the Italian, Djokovic remains the clear favorite to win the upcoming Wimbledon Championship.

Tennis betting trends for the actual season

Wimbledon has some very intriguing trends that can be helpful when you’re looking through tennis matchups and deciding on your tennis picks. Even though Wimbledon odd do take these trends into account, they’re often overlooked by those betting on tennis.

1. Seeding Matters

The top-seeded players – especially in the men’s draw – have traditionally dominated at Wimbledon. From 2003 to 2021, there have been just four tournaments in which the title wasn’t won by a player who was seeded inside the top two.

Moreover, Djokovic (in 2018) remains the only tennis player seeded outside of the top four to win the tournament since Goran Ivanisevic in 2021.

2. Seeding In The Women’s Draw

Unlike in the men’s draw, the women’s side of the competition does not follow the same rules regarding seeding and players’ success. Since 2003, the top-two seeded players have never appeared in the final together, while the top-seeded player has won the title just seven times.

Interestingly, players who entered the Wimbledon seeded outside of the top-10 have been nearly as successful, winning six titles over that stretch. 

3. Surface And Past Results

All the last ten men’s Wimbledon Championships have been won by a player with at least a 75% win rate on grass courts. Moreover, all 10 were also previous champions.

Eight of the last ten champions made at least semi-finals in the previous tournament. Meanwhile, seven out of ten made at least semi-finals at the French Open.

On the women’s side, the last ten Wimbledon champions had at least a 60% grass-court win rate in the same year, while eight of the ten had previously won a Grand Slam tournament. The only two exceptions were Marion Bartoli in 2013 and Petra Kvitova in 2011.

Wimbledon Betting Tips

If you want to bet on Wimbledon and make a profit from it, you will have to take your time to analyze the players and know who to bet on. This takes some dedication and time investment, but other factors go into finding a winning tennis pick.

Here we will take a look at a few important things to keep in mind while betting on Wimbledon.

Big Servers Do Well

Grass courts might introduce a bit slower game, but the grass is still the hardest surface to break a serve on. Duer to the fast and skidding deliveries, it’s nearly impossible to return a big serve, which has proven to be a strong tool of all past Wimbledon champions.

Some Players Do Better On Grass

Keep in mind that the surface on which a match is played is very important in tennis. Therefore, it makes sense to back players who are known to perform on grass. Some players say that grass is just for cows; others thrive on All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club.

In-Play Betting

Although a bit unorthodox tip for profiting from Wimbledon betting, in-play betting can be a strong tool to find value bets. Moreover, it adds an extra dimension to tennis betting and takes the whole experience to another level.

Admittedly, it takes a lot of knowledge of tennis to succeed at in-play betting, but once you are confident in your ability to predict winners based on what’s happening in the game, live betting is definitely worth a go.

Most common types of bets in tennis

While exploring Wimbledon odds and betting markets, you’ll soon realize that there are many ways to approach betting on tennis. Here we will take a look at a few bet types that are the most popular and readily available on all online sportsbooks.

Match Winner

Match winner is the most straightforward bet you can make while betting on tennis, as you only need to predict which player will win the match. It doesn’t matter how he does it or how long it takes him/her; the only thing that matters is the final result.

Handicap Betting

Handicap betting adds a bit more flexibility to your betting on individual matches. While the match winner only asks you which player will win, handicap betting opens up a new way to approach betting on tennis.

The concept of handicaps in tennis are the same as in any other sport (also known as spread betting). The sportsbooks will offer tennis odds and set a line based on the perceived strength of the players, so you can bet on the favorite with a negative handicap or on the underdog with a positive handicap.

If Player A is expected to win, a sportsbook might offer a -2.5 games handicap on him, while the underdog (Player B) will have a +2.5 games handicap offered. In this case, the game’s final result doesn’t matter, but instead the number of games the players have won.

The handicap gets deducted or added to the final score, so if you wagered on Player A with a -2.5 games handicap, his final score must be at least three points higher than that of Player B. On the other side, if you wagered on Player B (+2.5), he cannot lose by more than two total points.


The over/under betting in tennis works the same way as in any other sport, meaning you’re predicting whether a specific statistic in the game will reach a predetermined number in any tennis matchups. You either bet on the total number of sets or the total number of games.

Outright Winner

Outright winner is one of the simplest bets you can make while betting on Wimbledon or any other tennis tournament. With it, you’re simply predicting which player will win the tournament.

The tennis odds offered on this market are generally higher than in match betting, but more variance is involved since the player you choose must win at least seven matches to win the trophy. 

Winning Section Of The Draw

The draw is very important in any tennis tournament, as it divides the players into two halves based on their seeding and random picks. The first and second-seeded players will always start the tournament in separate halves, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that the half with the top-seeded player is most likely to win.

With the “Winning Half,” you’re essentially predicting whether a player from the top or bottom half will win the tournament, so you’re betting on a group of players rather than on just one. If you’re looking for betting odds on this market, you’re most likely to find it under special bets.

To Win Quarter

To win a quarter is a unique bet you can use while betting on Wimbledon in any other tennis tournament. As its name suggests, with this bet, you’re predicting which tennis player will win his/her quarter of the draw and is a bet type most commonly used for wagering on players who you believe will do well but might not be good enough to go all the way and win the tournament.

That concludes our Wimbledon betting article, providing you with all the information you’ll need to start betting on this tennis tournament. Before you place your bets, make sure to only bet with the best sportsbooks that can offer competitive odds and enough betting markets.

Wimbledon Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Betting on Wimbledon or any other tennis tournament is completely legal as long as you’re using a licensed and legal sportsbook and are old enough to bet on sports.

You can bet on Wimbledon on essentially all online sportsbooks. As one of the biggest sporting events of the year, Wimbledon is well covered by all bookmakers, where you’ll be able to make your tennis picks.

Wimbledon traditionally takes place in late June or early July.

Wimbledon takes place at All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club in London, United Kingdom, where the annual tennis tournament has been held since the first edition in 1877.

Spencer Watson won the first-ever men’s Wimbledon Championship in 1877, while Maud Watson won the first ladies’ championship in 1884.

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