Letter from the Editor

Letter from Editor

The year 2020 provided challenges on every front throughout the world due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Normalcy is returning in 2021 with fans back in the stands and sports beginning to look like what we have come to love.

We remained – and remain – a bettor’s greatest ally, providing the top-notch gaming advice you’re accustumed to receive from Insiders Betting Digest. And nothing is going to derail that.

We’ve been publishing for over 20 years and as the largest audited sports magazine in the world, it is our commitment to deliver unique and innovative in-depth reseach and analysis.

Online gaming continues to infiltrate mainstream media, and news outlets integrate live odds and lines directly into their websites and publications.

Insiders Betting Digest provides the hardcore and casual bettor with takes they can’t find anywhere else. Call it The Edge.

There is no better time for a casual sports fan to school themselves on the ins and outs of online gaming. Here at IBD, our goal is tu educate as well as entertain, while assuring that your gaming experience is safe, secure, profitable and fun.

We hope that our publication helps our readers focus more on their attention on picking the night team and less on where to bet this football season. As the online gaming industry continues to grow, a plethora of companies are popping up, some reputable, some not. Insiders Betting Digest is here to take the anxiety out of making that decision.

For this edition, our online gaming experts have scoured the internet: playing, testing and scrutinizing hundreds of the top gaming sites to bring you the most comprenhensive assessment of online gaming we’ve assembled.

We’ve brought back some of the best betting minds in the business to break down this year’s NFL and College Football contenders. With stats, previews, odds and analysis, we’ve picked the brains od the best football intellects to bring an unparalleled collection of top-notch handicapping to your maibox just in time for kickoff.

So grab a cold one and read on, fellow sports fan! Football season is here, and Insiders Betting Digest is here to get ready for a winning season! We provide you The Edge, hoping all your bets will be winners!

Sincerely Yours,

Michael David

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