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NCAAB Schedule

Getting into the NCAAB Schedule

Brief Introduction to NCAAB

There are five different athletic associations in the United States, and they all govern college basketball in the United States. Based on the amount and level of scholarships available to athletes, each of these distinct organizations is categorized into one to three levels. The main fixture is the NCAA.

Each organization holds different conferences to split the teams into groups. Teams are chosen for these conferences based on their school’s location. These conferences were created to accommodate the clubs’ regional play and provide a structured schedule for each team to follow for the following year. During conference play, teams are rated not just by the NCAA but also by the conference in which they compete in a tournament preceding up to the NCAA tournament. 

Basketball may be traced back to a YMCA International Training School in Springfield, Massachusetts, now known as Springfield College. The sport was invented by James Naismith, a physical education instructor who was tasked in the winter of 1891 with coming up with a game that would keep track of athletes in condition and prevent them from getting hurt. According to Naismith’s rules, the first formal basketball game was played on December 21, 1891, at the Springfield YMCA Training School. By 1893, basketball was being played on several college campuses.

History of NCAAB Schedule

The number of basketball games played in a season is determined by various circumstances. Still, a men’s DI college basketball team will typically play 35 to 40 games in a regular-season if they qualify for the NCAA tournament and 30 to 32 games if they do not. 

In both the 2018 and 2019 seasons, more than 5,800 Division I men’s basketball games were played, two just before the COVID-19 epidemic hit. 

In the 2018-19 season, Division I clubs played between 29 and 40 games. A team’s strength frequently determines the number of games in a school’s schedule. The more postseason games you win, the more games you play, and the higher your season total. 

The 41 games played in a season set by UConn’s 2011 national championship team and Michigan’s national runner-up squad in 2018 is the NCAA record. Seventeen teams, including Auburn, have played 40 games in a season.

Upcoming Games & Full Calendar

Main Events on NCAAB Schedule

The NCAA Division I Men’s Basketball Tournament, popularly known and marketed as NCAA March Madness, is a single-elimination tournament held in the United States each spring to decide the national champion. It presently features 68 collegiate basketball teams from the NCAA Division I level. It is one of the most popular yearly athletic events in the United States, and it is held primarily in March. 

Even among non-sports enthusiasts, it has become trendy in popular culture to predict the outcomes of each game; it is believed that tens of millions of Americans engage in a bracket pool event each year. Online tournaments are hosted by mainstream media outlets such as ESPN, CBS Sports, and Fox Sports, and contestants can compete for free. Several sites cater to corporate marketing and public relations, such as BigTourney.com, where you may join in the fun. 

The tournament will include winners from 32 Division I conferences (who will earn automatic bids) and 36 at-large teams. These “at-large” teams are picked by an NCAA selection committee and unveiled on Selection Sunday, a nationally televised event. The 68 teams are split into four regions and structured into a single-elimination “bracket” that selects which team a team will face next after it wins a game. 

Within each area, each team is “seeded,” or rated, from 1 to 16. The event is held over three weekends after the First Four round at pre-selected neutral locations around the United States. Seeded teams advance through a single-game elimination bracket, beginning with the First Four round, which consists of 64 teams playing in 32 games over the course of a week, the “Sweet Sixteen” and “Elite Eight” rounds the following week and weekend, respectively, and the “Final Four” round on the final weekend of the tournament. 

The Final Four is typically held the first weekend of April. These four teams, one from each area, compete at a predetermined site for the national championship.

NCAAB Main Venues

The Duke Blue Devils play their home games at Cameron Indoor Stadium. Even seeing it empty is a bucket list item for any unbiased college basketball fan. It’s just another reason for non-Duke fans to despise the Blue Devils. The tiny 9,300-seat facility delivers the best home-court advantage in the country, from the “Cameron Crazies” on top of the action to the “Krzyzewskiville” commune outside. It certainly helps that the Blue Devils are consistently among the best in the country. 

The Kansas Jayhawks’ home, Allen Fieldhouse, or “The Phog,” emanates basketball history from the moment you walk in the door and is a must-see for every collegiate basketball enthusiast. When 16,300 fans cram into the stadium to support the Jayhawks, it might seem like a cigar box to opponents. The ambiance is even more remarkable during afternoon games, when sunlight streams through the windows, illuminating the crowds. 

The Wildcats‘ home is one of the most iconic venues in sports, named for legendary Kentucky coach Adolph Rupp. It is the country’s largest off-campus home for a Division I team, with a seating capacity of 23,500. In addition to giving Kentucky a significant home-court advantage, Rupp Arena has hosted multiple NCAA Tournament games, including the 1985 Final Four, when Villanova upset widely favored Georgetown to win the national championship.

After Covid-19 Details

COVID-19 hit right as the conference tournaments were getting underway. The NCAA opted to cancel all remaining NCAA conference tournament games and cancel the season altogether. This led to the cancellation of March Madness as well. The 2020-21 season did go on as planned; however, there were a lot of cancellations and postponements throughout the year.

NCAAB Schedule FAQs

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Basketball was invented in 1891.

68 teams make the NCAA tournament field

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