Dutch Grand Prix

TT Circuit Assen

The TT Assen, or Dutch Tourist Trophy, is an annual Dutch motorsport event that has been around for many years. It is an event for road racing motorcycles on the TT Circuit Assen. It has been around for many years, even before the MotoGP championship was inaugurated. 

And since joining the MotoGP calendar, the Dutch Grand Prix has remained one of the most anticipated MotoGP races in the year. It has continuously given us some incredible moments, and multiple riders have impacted the race over the years. This fantastic race is one to consider as part of your itinerary. 

Dutch Grand Prix History

In Dutch history, the law didn’t allow motorsport racing on public racing. But when the rule was relaxed, the Assen & Omstreken motorcycle club created and began the first Dutch TT in 1925, and from that time, the race happened every year except between 1940 and 1945 because of World War II. 

Four years after the war ended, the race became part of the MotoGP world, continuously featured in the MotoGP calendar, giving us memorable moments at the TT Circuit Assen. It remains one of the longest-serving races in the world. Riders continue to push for a win at this MotoGP event.

The Dutch Grand Prix has had decades of history and has continued to give us incredible action throughout the MotoGP championship and is one of the deciding races in the competition. The rugged terrain of the TT Circuit Assen makes this MotoGP race much better, and history tell us that it is an exciting event.

Angel Nieto remains the most successful rider at the Dutch Grand Prix. He has won the races across the various classes over the years. And Honda is the most successful constructor at this event. They’ve dominated the Dutch Grand Prix over the years and are close to a century win.  

How to Bet on Dutch Grand Prix Race

Betting on the Dutch Grand Prix is pretty exciting, and if you have the right tools to place bets on sports, you should not have any problems getting started. You must make predictions, fund your account, and place your bets. But if you’re new, you might want to follow some of these tips to begin. 

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After you’re done creating your account, you should go on ahead to fund your account. Take the time to find the proper deposit method you can use to complete the process. In no time, you’ll have money in your bankroll, and you can use it to place bets on the Dutch Grand Prix betting options. 

TT Circuit Assen Fun Facts

The TT Circuit Assen has been the Dutch Grand Prix venue since the first race. It had hosted all the Dutch Grand Prix since 1925 when the event was established and even when it became part of the MotoGP world. With this exciting history, let’s look at some fun facts about the TT Circuit Assen. 

  • The circuit has hosted Dutch TT crashes in 2016.
  •  the Dutch Grand Prix since the first race. 
  • The TT Circuit Assen is also known as the Cathedral of Speed. 
  • The venue has a capacity of 110,000, and its FIA Grade is 2. 
  • The TT Circuit Assen is 2.822 miles long with 18 turns; 12 right and six left turns. 
  • Stichting Circuit van Drenthe owns the circuit, which opened in 1925.

Top Five Major Dutch Grand Prix Crashes

The Dutch Grand Prix has had its fair share of memorable moments and crashes. Undoubtedly, it is one of the most significant events in the world today, and accidents have occurred over the years. In that case, let’s look at some of the top five powerful crashes at the Gran Premio Motul TT Assen. 

  • Fabio Quartarato 2022
  • Loris Capirossi 2002
  • Stefan Bradl 2012
  • Valentino Rossi 2006
  • Jorge Lorenzo 2019

Top Five Dutch Grand Prix Facts

The Dutch Grand Prix has been around for many years, and without any doubt, it is a top-notch event in the MotoGP calendar. We all know that many things are interesting about this event, and in that case, we want to look at some of the facts about the Dutch Grand Prix. 

  • Angel Nieto is one of the most successful riders at the Dutch Grand Prix event, with 15 wins. 
  • Honda is the constructor with the most wins, registering more than 60 wins over the years at Dutch Grand Prix.
  • The TT Circuit Assen has been the hosting circuit since the first race in the MotoGP era and before that. 
  • Eddie Lawson was the first non-Honda rider to qualify for the pole position at the Dutch Grand Prix.
  • The Dutch Grand Prix is one of the oldest MotoGP races still active today.

Dutch Grand Prix FAQs

Yes, you can bet on this MotoGP race if you can find a good online sports betting site to join. You can check out the how-to bet section to learn more about betting on MotoGP events.

The rider with the fastest lap record at the TT Circuit Assen and the Gran Premio Motul TT Assen is Aleix Esparagaro at 1:32.500. He got this record in 2010 and has since held it.

Giacomo Agostini is the rider with the most consecutive wins, winning the 500cc from 1968 to 1972. The only rider to come close is John Surtees, who was champion from 1955 to 1960.

Yamaha is the constructor to come close to Honda in Dutch Grand Prix’s history with 40 wins and counting.

You can bet on this event at different online sports betting sites. Find the one that works for you, and you’re good to go. 

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