Who Will Be The Next Pope?

People that enjoy wagering online can now bet on just about anything. Betting on the entertainment market can be exciting and profitable for players who keep up with pop culture and regularly follow the news. Nothing is off limits in this betting market, including the Vatican and odds on who will be the next Pope. Check the Next Pope prediction below.

Rumors about Pope Francis’s health have bookmakers thinking there could be a new pope sooner, not later. As a result, for bettors who like betting on entertainment futures, now could be the best time to start handicapping and considering a wager to make their next pope prediction. 

Pope election odds have been available online for years. On a recent trip to Canada, the 85-year-old pope couldn’t fulfill all his duties, which led to more discussion about a possible exit. He has been dealing with mobility issues that forced him to begin using a wheelchair. 

However, Pope Francis rejected retirement rumors last June when he announced his intention to continue his service. Since then, though, he has dealt with other health issues. The next pope election odds have been changing with his health updates. Although several favorites remain at the top of the list.  

Odds To Become The Next Pope

There have been 266 Popes to head the Catholic Church. Pope Francis makes history as the first non-European to hold the position since Gregory III was named Pope in 731. The next Pope will also make history as the trend of Italians becoming Pope changed after more than 400 years when Pope John Paul was elected. 

Odds for the next Pope prediction can be found in the entertainment futures section at most online sportsbooks. Here’s who the oddsmakers think has the best chance of becoming the 267th Pope of the Catholic Church when they set up the betting odds.



Mark Ouellet (+400)

Mark Oulet
  • Country: Canada
  • Year of birth: 1944
  • Cardinal nomination: Appointed as Cardinal by Pope John Paul II in 2003

Why he could be the next Pope:

  • Ouellet is seen as a leading candidate for the papacy due to his experience and credentials in the Catholic Church.

Why he may not be the next Pope:

  • Ouellet is not without controversy, particularly over his handling of abuse allegations during his time as Archbishop of Quebec City.

The current favorite to replace Pope Francis, Mark Ouellet, could make history as the first Canadian Pope. The 78-year-old was appointed by Pope Benedict as head of the Congregation of Bishops at the Vatican in 2010. He was previously the Archbishop of Quebec and the Primate of Canada. In addition, as verified by the betting guides, he was a candidate for Pope in the last two elections in 2005 and 2013. 

However, this choice may not be the best value. Ouellet is currently part of a long list of Canadian priests involved in a sexual assault investigation. The Vatican can’t elect an individual as pope if they’re currently being investigated or accused. It’s partially because of this that Ouellet’s odds have lengthened, moving from +250 in December 2022 to their current +400.

Pietro Parolin +500

Luis Antonio Tagle
  • Country: Italy
  • Year of birth: 1955
  • Cardinal nomination: Appointed as Cardinal by Pope Francis in 2014

Why he could be the next Pope:

  • Parolin is the current Secretary of State of the Vatican, making him the highest-ranking official in the Roman Curia after the Pope.

Why he may not be the next Pope:

  • Parolin’s age may count against him in the eyes of some cardinals, as he will turn 68 in January 2023.

Breaking into the top 10 in the odds to become the next pope is Pietro Parolin, the Cardinal Secretary of State for the Vatican. He’s held the position for almost a decade after having spent three decades in the diplomatic service of the Holy See. 

In that role, he has spent time in Nigeria, Venezuela, and other countries, and was also involved in the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty negotiations. He is considered to be the Vatican’s de facto deputy foreign minister, which could go a long way in solidifying the Catholic Church’s role in mainstream politics.

Luis Antonio Tagle +400

  • Country: Philippines
  • Year of birth: 1957
  • Cardinal nomination: Appointed as Cardinal by Pope Benedict XVI in 2012

Why he could be the next Pope:

  • Tagle is known for his progressive views on social issues, which may resonate with younger Catholics and those in the Global South.

Why he may not be the next Pope:

  • Despite his popularity, Tagle’s relative youth and lack of experience in Vatican bureaucracy may count against him in the eyes of some cardinals.

Another favorite for the next Pope prediction is Cardinal-Bishop Luis Antonio Tagle of the Philippines. The 65-year-old is very popular with the public and would be the first Asian Pope in history. He’s been spoken of well by the Vatican and has never been in the middle of any controversy. 

Tagle is head of the Propaganda Fide, which is in charge of all Catholic missions worldwide. He was appointed by Pope Francis as the Pro-Prefect for the Section of Congregation for the Evangelization of People. He previously served as Archbishop of Manila from 2011 to 2019. 

Tagle’s odds remain at +400, the same place they were four months ago. This could signal better optimism for him to jump in front, and he should be followed closely by bettors.

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Raymond Leo Burke +1000

Raymond Leo Burke
  • Country: United States
  • Year of birth: 1948
  • Cardinal nomination: Appointed as Cardinal by Pope Benedict XVI in 2010

Why he could be the next Pope:

  • Burke is seen as a champion of traditional Catholic teachings and practices, which could appeal to traditionalist factions within the Church.

Why he may not be the next Pope:

  • Burke’s public criticisms of Pope Francis and his controversial stances on issues such as the role of women in the Church may count against him in the eyes of some cardinals.

Raymond Leo Burke is an American cardinal priest who led the Archdiocese of St. Louis from 2004 to 2008. An outspoken conservative who has caused friction within the ranks of the Catholic Church’s leadership, he has sometimes been seen as a disloyal subject to Pope Francis. 

Despite this apparent friction, he remains a strong candidate. This is partly for the same reason that he has allegedly been pushed aside within the church’s ranks. Those who align with his conservative views want him to become pope in order to change the church’s dogma.

Christoph Schonborn +1200

  • Country: Austria
  • Year of birth: 1945
  • Cardinal nomination: Appointed as Cardinal by Pope John Paul II in 1998

Why he could be the next Pope:

  • He has served in a number of leadership positions, including as the Archbishop of Vienna and as a member of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith.

Why he may not be the next Pope:

  • Schönborn’s age may count against him in the eyes of some cardinals, as he will turn 78 in January 2023.

Cardinal Christoph Schonborn is an Austrian Dominican theologian and the Archbishop of Vienna, a position he has held since April 1995. Although he’s not seen as a top favorite to become the next pope, he comes from a long line of individuals who have held positions of power in the Catholic Church. 

Schonborn may not be at the top of the list because of his approach to religion. He has repeatedly been more liberal in his views, sometimes clashing with the Catholic Church’s approach to various topics. However, he remains a strong candidate because of his closeness to Pope Francis.

Oscar Rodriguez Maradiaga +1400

Oscar Rodriguez Maradiaga
  • Country: Honduras
  • Year of birth: 1942
  • Cardinal nomination: Appointed as Cardinal by Pope John Paul II in 2001

Why he could be the next Pope:

  • Rodriguez Maradiaga is seen as a bridge-builder between the Church’s conservative and progressive wings, and his experience working in Latin America could make him a strong candidate.

Why he may not be the next Pope:

  • Despite his experience and credentials, Rodriguez Maradiaga is not without controversy, particularly over his handling of abuse allegations in the Honduran Church.

Honduran Cardinal-Priest Oscar Rodriguez Maradiaga is in the top five of the candidates in the next pope prediction but has fallen in his support. He previously had odds of +800, which have now dropped significantly to +1400. 

Rodriguez has been a bishop for over four decades, previously serving as the head of the international Caritas, a powerful worldwide aid organization. However, he was accused of financial mismanagement. This was well before the odds for the next pope were listed, but might now be impacting the lines.

Bettors may want to place him on a short list of backups, as seeing a Pope elected from such a small country would be a first. However, he was trusted by both Pope Benedict XVI and Pope Francis and was appointed to the new Advisory Board of Cardinals in 2013. 

What Will Be the Next Pop’s Papal Name?

In addition to betting on which figure will be the next pope, bettors can also find lines for the name of the next pope. A new pope selects a new name when taking over and, looking at a possible change at the top of the church, there are several choices that top the list.

Francis +300

It’s possible that a newly-chosen pope may want to show respect for the current pope by keeping his name. Pope Francis is in a two-way tie in the odds along with Leo. There has never been a Pope Francis, until now, and there have been 13 popes named Leo.

Pius and John +400

There’s another two-way tie between Pius and John, which have the second-best chances of being the next pope’s new name. To date, there have been 12 popes named Pius and 21 named John.

Gregory and Benedict +700

Either Pope Gregory or Pope Benedict could be the successor to Pope Francis. These two names are at the top of the list, although with weaker chances. 16 popes have chosen Gregory, three of whom were later canonized as saints. Benedict has been selected almost as often, with 15 popes assuming the name. 

Other names on the list include:

  • Paul | +800
  • Clement | +800
  • John Paul | +800.
  • Stephen | +900
  • Boniface | +900
  • Innocent/Blessed Innocent | +900

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Frequetly Ask Questions

The next Pope will be elected after the current Pope either passes away or resigns. Upon this occurrence, a conclave of eligible cardinals will gather in Vatican City to elect the new Pope. The exact date is unknown and depends on the circumstances.

Any male Catholic is theoretically eligible to become the Pope. However, it is customary for the Pope to be elected from among the College of Cardinals, who are the highest-ranking officials in the Catholic Church after the Pope.

The next Pope is elected during a secretive process called a papal conclave. The College of Cardinals meets in the Sistine Chapel in Vatican City, where they hold a series of ballots to select the new Pope. A two-thirds majority is required to elect the new Pope, and the process continues with multiple rounds of voting until a consensus is reached.

Predicting the next Pope is difficult, as the selection process is confidential and influenced by various factors, such as the cardinals’ preferences, regional representation, and the perceived needs of the Church at the time.

After a new Pope has been elected by the College of Cardinals, the news will be announced through a traditional signal called the “fumata bianca,” or white smoke. Smoke will billow from the chimney of the Sistine Chapel, signaling that a new Pope has been elected.

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