NFL Pro Bowl

The NFL Pro Bowl is the league’s All-Star exhibition that takes place before the Super Bowl. Pro Bowl betting is available, but this game is sometimes difficult to predict.

2023 NFL Pro Bowl Details

Date: February 5, 2023
Venue: Camping World Stadium
Location: Orlando, Florida

What is the NFL Pro Bowl? 

The NFL Pro Bowl is the annual exhibition game that features the best players in the league, suiting up at the end of the season. Every league has some sort of All-Star Game in place, and the Pro Bowl is the version for the NFL. 

This game has taken on many different forms over the years, and it’s been criticized quite a bit in recent years. Pro Bowl odds are available for this matchup, and Pro Bowl betting is popular as it’s an NFL event. 

Pro Bowl Roster

The Pro Bowl’s coaching staff comprises the coaches of the best teams from each conference that lost in the Divisional Round. Because this game is played prior to the Super Bowl, those coaches are busy preparing, and the coaching staff has to come from teams that have been eliminated. 

The players for each team impact the Pro Bowl odds more than anything, and three different groups of people choose players. Fans, players, and coaches all cast votes for the Pro Bowl, and the league then calculates those votes and selects the roster. 

Since the Super Bowl still has to be played, replacements are always needed, and other players choose to sit out due to injury. Pro Bowl betting is impacted by the replacement players as well. 

NFL Pro Bowl Rules

There are some rules for the Pro Bowl that have a big impact on Pro Bowl betting and also impact how the game plays out. One of the biggest rule changes is that rushing the passer is not allowed, and there are no punt returns. 

There are also some unique rules, such as multiple forward passes can be thrown on one play, and there is no intentional grounding. This is also a game that sees very little physical contact, and it almost resembles touch football. 

All of these rules must be remembered when doing any Pro Bowl betting. 

NFL Pro Bowl Uniforms 

The NFL Pro Bowl uniforms don’t have anything to do with Pro Bowl betting, but this is a large part of the game. The league spends both time and money to create unique and exciting uniforms for all of the players to wear.

One thing that the NFL does for the Pro Bowl uniforms is that it makes sure that every player at least has their own team represented in the team uniform. 

Where Has It Happened

The location of the Pro Bowl doesn’t usually affect the odds, but this isn’t an exhibition that moves around a ton. The league likes to choose a warm-weather destination for this game, and a few cities have been selected more than others. 

Aloha Stadium in Hawaii has hosted the most games. Still, the current location is Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas, Nevada. Los Angeles and Orlando are two other cities that have hosted many of these games. 

2016-2021 Game Results

2016: AFC 20 NFC 13

2017: AFC 24 NFC 23

2018: AFC 26 NFC 7

2019: AFC 38 NFC 33

2020: NO GAME (COVID-19)

2021: AFC 41 NFC 35

How to bet on NFL Pro Bowl? 

Pro bowl betting is similar to betting on regular season NFL games as you will see a lot of the same betting options. The Pro Bowl odds will still have moneyline, spread, and totals betting available, but this game just isn’t like a regular season game. 

Making Pro Bowl prop bets will always be a good option for this game as many unique options will be available. It can be pretty hard to handicap how the Pro Bowl will be played, especially with all of the available unique rules. 

Even though Pro Bowl betting is similar to what you will find during the regular season, there aren’t a ton of stats that can provide you with much guidance. These rosters are going to be changing right up until kickoff, and those replacement players will impact the Pro Bowl odds.

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