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Brief History of the Alabama Crimson Tide

Alabama started playing football in 1892, but the programs didn’t see a ton of structure until 1925 when they won the Southern Conference for the first time. The Southern conference does still exist, but it is not the SEC where the Crimson Tide currently resides. They joined the SEC in the early 1930s and haven’t turned back since, becoming one of the conference’s most influential programs, particularly on the gridiron.

Alabama seems entrenched in the SEC, as long as conferences exist in college sports. Alabama’s program is historically considered a blue blood college football program. Even with that, there will always be some down periods in their history. What the Crimson Tide have done well in its capitalizing on the periods where they do boast an elite program.

Alabama Crimson Tide Standings

The Alabama Crimson Tide is a powerhouse in college football, consistently ranking at the top of the NCAAF standings. With a solid history of wins and talented players, the Crimson Tide have a reputation for dominance on the field. The team’s stats show that they have consistently been at the top of the conference, displaying their dominance year after year.

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Championships by Alabama

If you know anything about college football history, you know that championships are much more clear-cut today than they were just 30 years ago. In the modern era of college football picks, we have had some form of championship game meant to put the two best teams against each other to determine a champion, but this was not the case in the 1900s. Most seasons ended with polls and bowl games against sensible opponents. This also left the sport with a lot of controversy and confusion.

As it stands today, Alabama claims 18 titles, 13 of which were determined by their championship game or a qualified poll. It is very common for this to be the case with older programs. These championships started in the 1925 and 1926 seasons and have continued through multiple dynasties, including winning 5 between 1961 and 1979 and 6 since 2009 under current head coach Nick Saban.

Key Stats and Awards by Alabama

Alabama is one of the best programs in college football history, and they are well represented in the College Football Hall of Fame. They have 50 members and 4 coaches with a spot of the wall, and I expect more Alabama players to be added as they have dominated college football for over 10 years.

Heisman trophies have come easy for the Tide until recently, with 3 winners since 2009 in Derrick Henry, Mark Ingram, and DeVonta Smith.

AJ McCarron is the leader in career passing yards, but Mac Jones can call himself the best single-season QB in Alabama history with 4500 passing yards in a single season, over 500 more than Tua In fewer games.

The 2 most dominant rushers also came from the modern age of Alabama football in the form of Najee Harris and Derrick Henry. Harris put up over 3800 career rushing yards and was more than impactful in the passing game as well.

Top Players in Alabama history

Aabama is an NFL factory, churning out multiple players each and every year, destined to make millions of dollars each year to play football. Separating their NFL career from their college career can be difficult, but I would suggest that Tua Tagovailoa is the top QB in Alabama history. He leads Alabama in touchdown passes, came up with one of the craziest comebacks in college football history, and he led his team to plenty of wins.

Receiving stats in football are way up relative to stats in the early days of college football. That being said, the top leaders in this category all started their careers in the 2000s. DeVonta Smith leads the team in total catches, but his career was a bit longer than players like Calvin Ridley, Julio Jones, and Jerry Jeudy. Amari Cooper probably had the most dominant season out of this group, but you cannot go wrong claiming any of the guys I mentioned as the Alabama #1 WR historically.

Top Coaches in Alabama history

Alabama has 4 coaches in the College Football Hall of Fame, but 2 guys stand out as potentially the best 2 coaches in college football, period.

Bear Bryant won 6 championships with the Crimson Tide from 1961-1979 and is widely considered to be a top 5-10 college football coach of all time. Bryant relied on defense and discipline to fuel this dominance that eventually ended with a record of 323-85-17, 6 national championships, and 13 SEC championships. Bryant is a legend in Tuscaloosa, and you cannot go anywhere without being reminded of his success.

Nick Saban is another coach that can make a claim to be the best college football head coach and dynasty maintainer ever. Saban bounced around college and NFL programs before settling down at Alabama and blossoming into a legendary figure in the sport. Winning a championship is very difficult in college football.

Winning a championship and then maintaining a talent level and composure to show up each and every year in the national conversation. Saban is widely considered the greatest college football coach of all time, and he has a record of 165-23, which is truly incredible.


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How many wins does Alabama Crimson Tide have?

929 official victories in NCAA Division

Who is Alabama Crimson Tide rival?
Auburn University Tigers, the University of Tennessee Volunteers, and the Louisiana State University Tigers. 
How many national championships has Alabama Crimson Tide have won?


How many Alabama Crimson Tide players are in the NFL?

77 Crimson Tide players

What year did Alabama win the Super Bowl?


How many overall bowls Alabama Crimson tide has won?

44 wins

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