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LFL 2022 Summer Playoffs LDLC OL vs. Team BDS Academy Score Prediction

LDLC OL and Team BDS Academy are set to clash on Wednesday, August 10, in the second round of La Ligue Française (LFL) 2022 Summer Playoffs in what promises to be an exciting affair between two of the strongest French LoL esports teams. Check the LDLC OL vs Team BDS Academy Betting below.

But while it’s a match no LoL fan should miss, it’s also a match with plenty of excellent League of Legends betting opportunities and solid esports picks, some of which we will explore in our LDLC vs. Team BDS Academy Score Prediction article.

Expectations for this Matchup

LDLC OL and Team BDS Academy last met in the fifth week of the LFL 2022 Summer regular season, when OL LDLC won, improving their head-to-head record to 2-0 after they had already won their first meeting with the regional rivals in the opening match of the split.

Having proven themselves as the better team, LDLC OL is expected to win the upcoming match, and that sounds fair; however, their success over the regular season does not guarantee that LDLC OL will be just as solid in the playoffs.

Best-of-three series offers an entirely different experience and requires teams to show more than what’s needed to win a best-of-one match.

Still, LDLC were by far the best team of the regular season and are the defending LFL champions, so perhaps it’s not fair to doubt them.

LDLC OL vs. Team BDS Academy Odds Breakdown 

LDLC OL enter this bout as -400 favorites, suggesting that they have an 80% chance of beating Team BDS Academy.

That sounds about right, knowing that LDLC OL are 2-0 up in the head-to-head against their rival team on the split, but 80% still sounds a bit high.

Even though Team BDS Academy have not beaten LDLC OL once this split, they’re still one of the best teams in the league, more than capable of beating any team they face.

This makes them an interesting underdog pick, but perhaps we should focus more on the stats when making our esports betting predictions.

LDLC OL vs. Team BDS Academy Betting Analysis

As the latest LoL esports betting odds show, LDLC OL are heavy favorites to defeat Team BDS Academy, and that sounds about right.

They’re the defending LFL champions and by far the best team of the LFL 2022 Summer regular season. But as previous seasons have taught us, the LFL is much closer than it may seem.

LDLC OL Analysis

LDLC OL enter the LFL 2022 Summer Playoffs following a near-perfect run through the regular season. The defending champions ended the regular season with a 17-1 record (94% win rate) and have lost just one match against Team GO, who upset them in the opening round of Week 7.

Besides that minor slip-up, LDLC OL have been unstoppable, which explains why they are priced as -400 favorites for this bout.

It’s even fair to say that LDLC OL would have been the favorites no matter which team they would get paired with in the opening round of the playoffs.

Team BDS Academy Analysis

Team BDS Academy have not achieved nearly as much as LDLC OL, but they have done well this season. BDS finished the regular season with an 11-7 record, which admittedly is far below LDLC OL, but we wouldn’t overreact to that figure.

It’s important to note that even though Team BDS Academy dropped seven games throughout the season, they were 3-7 at one point and still clawed their way into the playoffs with an eight-game winning streak, which is nothing to sneeze at.

LDLC OL vs. Team BDS Academy Pick and Prediction

LDLC OL are undeniably the stronger team, but we wouldn’t write off Team BDS Academy yet. They had a terrible start to the year but ended it on a high note, winning all of their last eight outings to end up with an 11-7 record.

Moreover, BDS Academy were pretty dominant in their wins, so there is definitely something to be said about BDS having a better chance to defeat LDLC OL than the last time out.

Can they actually do it is anyone’s guess, but based on what we’ve seen from BDS Academy over the last month, they play just as well – if not better than LDLC.

Who to Bet On?

This match can easily go both ways, so we’ll gladly side with the outsiders, who have shown enough for us to believe they can take down the defending champions.

Final Score Prediction: Team BDS Academy to win 3-2

Esports Pick: Team BDS Academy

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