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The Indianapolis Colts host the Philadelphia Eagles in NFL Week 11 of the season in a battle of teams that have recently moved on from Carson Wentz at quarterback.

Eagles vs. Colts Betting Preview

The Philadelphia Eagles and Indianapolis Colts have both started Carson Wentz at quarterback over the last couple of seasons. But when they meet in Week 11 of the 2022 NFL schedule, they will both have different signal callers leading them into action. 

In this Eagles vs. Colts betting analysis, we will break down this inter-conference matchup featuring two teams trying to have better offensive showings during the 2022 campaign.

Rivalry History

As far as NFL matchups go, it is not possible to be more evenly matched than the series between the Philadelphia Eagles and Indianapolis Colts. 

There have been 20 all-time games between these teams coming into this contest, and each side has won 10 of those games. 

As a result, the Eagles vs. Colts odds will have way more to do with how both teams play over the first half of the season than any sort of historical trends between these teams.

The Indianapolis Colts hold a slim 5-4 edge over the Eagles in games that have been played between these teams in Indianapolis. The last time these teams played in Indianapolis was 2014, with the Eagles taking that game by a score of 30-27. 

But both rosters were completely different then than they are now, and without a frame of reference for a more recent game in Indianapolis, it will be interesting to see which way this contest goes.

Matchup Trends

Looking at the NFL stats for the teams involved in this matchup, it is clear that the Indianapolis Colts were proficient at covering the spread in 2021. 

They were one of the top NFL teams against the spread last year, going 10-7 against the number in their 17 regular season contests. Philadelphia, meanwhile, went 8-9-1 against the spread in their 18 games between the regular season and playoffs.

In the over/under betting market, the Eagles were one of the top teams at exceeding the totals set by sportsbooks. Ten of Philadelphia’s 18 games went over the total last season, putting them in a tie for the fifth highest over rate in the NFL. 

Indianapolis, meanwhile, went 8-9 on the over/under front a season ago, and I hope that Matt Ryan makes them a more explosive offensive team in 2022.

Venue Information

This game will be played at Lucas Oil Stadium, the home of the Indianapolis Colts. The performances of the Colts and Eagles at home and on the road last season could end up having an impact on the Eagles vs. Colts odds for this game. 

Indianapolis struggled at home last season, going 4-5 in their nine home contests, which cost them in the NFL standings at the end of the season.

Philadelphia, meanwhile, was one of the stronger road teams in the NFL during the 2021 season. They went 6-3 on the road, which made up for their 3-5 home record and helped the Philadelphia Eagles sneak into the playoffs. 

Philadelphia then went on to lose their road playoff game against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, but overall it was a year the Eagles would like to replicate away from Lincoln Financial Field.

Betting Tips for Philadelphia Eagles vs. Indianapolis Colts

Bettors who are making NFL picks against the spread or on the over/under for this contest will want to keep their eye on a few key facets of this game. 

The NFL odds for this contest will largely depend on how the Colts look offensively with new starting quarterback Matt Ryan. How Jalen Hurts progresses after a promising season in 2021 will also hugely affect who is favored here.

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