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Sandwiched in between a pair of very important games with the Colts, the NFL schedule has the Titans visiting the Commanders.

Titans vs. Commanders Betting Preview

A big part of the Titans vs. Commanders betting analysis are the two games the Titans played last year against new Washington Commanders quarterback Carson Wentz. He was with the Colts in 2021, and he lost both times he played Tennessee.

The Titans vs. Commanders odds have Tennessee as the modest favorite on the road, even though the Commanders have an excellent run defense that may be able to neutralize Derrick Henry.

Rivalry History

There isn’t much history between these two teams and nothing that can be used to inform the Titans at Commanders betting analysis. 

When they last played in 2018, the Titans won 25-16, but the quarterbacks who played in the game were Josh Johnson, Marcus Mariota, and Blaine Gabbert.

Derrick Henry was there, rushing for 84 yards. But most of the rosters have turned over since then. The Tennessee Titans lead the all-time series 7-6.

Matchup Trends

Last year’s NFL standings are a big part of the Titans at Commanders betting analysis for this NFL matchup. The Titans won the AFC South, finishing the regular season as the top team in the AFC. The Commanders won just seven games and finished in third place in the NFC East.

The Titans at Commanders odds will hinge largely on the running game. The NFL stats had Tennessee as the fifth-best rushing team last year, and they were second in rush yards differential at +966. The Commanders were ninth among all NFL teams in rush yards differential but at just +286.

Points allowed is one of the biggest factors in the Titans at Commanders betting analysis. Tennessee allowed 354 points, which was good for sixth in the NFL. Washington allowed 434 points, which ranked them 25th. Their -99 point differential also ranked them 25th.

Venue Information

FedExField is the home stadium for the Commanders, and it has been their home since it opened in 1997. The current seating capacity is 67,717, but for a number of years, it could hold over 91,000 fans, which made it the largest stadium in the NFL.

The stadium has had a number of issues in recent years. Last season there were three different incidents where water leaked on fans. 

Also, a railing collapsed after a game with the Eagles, and several fans fell onto the field near Eagles quarterback Jalen Hurts.

Betting Tips for Tennessee Titans vs. Washington Commanders

One of the keys to your Titans at Commanders betting analysis is the performance of Wentz with his new team. He has perhaps the best wide receiver in his career in Terry McLaurin, and that might be enough to shift the Titans at Commanders odds.

When it comes to NFL odds, the Titans are +150 to win the AFC South this season, as compared to Washington, which is paying +500 to win the NFC East. 

It’s also worth noting when doing your Titans vs. Commanders betting analysis that Derrick Henry is paying +5000 to win the NFL MVP award. Those are pretty long odds, but they are the shortest odds for any non-quarterback in the league.

And speaking of quarterbacks, the Titans at Commanders odds are likely to move based on how Ryan Tannehill looks without his favorite target, A.J. Brown. 

In the 39 games that Brown played with Titans quarterback, Tannehill threw for 9,000 yards and 70 touchdowns, and he had a passer rating of 104.6.

Brown, now in Philadelphia, caught 24 of those touchdowns and had 2,845 yards. Keep this in mind when making NFL picks, and NFL picks against the spread. 

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