A.C. Monza

A.C. Monza

  • Location: Monza, Italy
  • Stadium: Brianteo Stadium
  • Coach: Raffaele Palladino
  • Serie A Titles: 0

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LEGA PRO: 2014-15 , 2019-20

SERIE D: 2016-17

Monza is one of the great stories in all of Italian soccer today, as they have truly gone from rags to riches to some degree. They are brand new to top-flight soccer and, as a result, Serie A odds imply an expectation of future relegation. But, as we look at past Monza stats and what bettors need to know before doing any Monza betting, it is clear that this club is ready to prove it can be more than what is expected of them.

Monza General info

This club is based in the city of Monza, which is located in the Lombardy region of Italy, one of the northernmost regions of the country. When home matches pop up in the Monza schedule, they are played at the Stadio Brianteo, which is a small 15,000-seat venue. The reason this venue is smaller than most in Serie A is that it was not hosting Serie A matchups until the very recent past.

Monza History

A.C. Monza was founded in 1912, and nearly all of its history has taken place in lower leagues. They did not earn promotion from lower divisions into Serie A until 2022, and the 2022-23 season is their first at the top tier of the sport in Italy. As a result, this club’s only Serie A betting stats have come from their debut campaign, which has seen them in the bottom half of the league for the majority of proceedings.

Monza Records

It is interesting to look at the all-time leaders in different statistical categories because the history of Monza stats is largely focused on their time in lower divisions. As a result, the goal of the players at the club has largely been to move into bigger clubs in the future.

The all-time leading appearance maker for Monza is Fulvio Saini, who played for the club as a midfielder from 1980 to 1998. Over his 18 years at the club, he played a total of 464 matches, a club record that may never fall. When it comes to goal scoring, the record holder at Monza is Andrea D’Errico, who had 48 career goals for the club.

Championship won by Monza

Given that the 2022-23 campaign is their first season in Serie A, Monza has never finished atop the Serie A standings to win a league championship. They have, however, won Serie C on four different occasions, along with one Serie D title back in the 2016-17 season.

Historical Events

The number one historical event in the history of this club was its historic promotion to Serie A in 2022. Before that, the club had never participated in the highest level of Italian soccer. Now their goal is to rack up more historic moments by staying in Serie A.


  • GK Michele Di Gregorio
  • D Luca Caldirola
  • D Pablo Mari
  • D Valentín Antov
  • MF Stefano Sensi
  • MF Carlos Augusto
  • MF Andrea Barberis
  • MF Patrick Ciurria
  • MF Gianluca Caprari
  • MF Matteo Pessina
  • F Dany Mota

Arrivals: Andrea Carboni, Michele Di Gregorio, Leonardo Mancuso

Departures: Giuseppe Bellusci

Giovanni Stroppa may be the best manager in the history of Monza, despite only being there from 2021 to 2022. He was the manager when the club achieved its only promotion to Serie A. While his tenure in Serie A only lasted six matches with the team, as things were not going well, the fact that he achieved something that no other manager could for the club will always earn him a special place in its history.

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