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MLS Scores and Matchups

Major League Soccer is a budding league that has not been around for a long time compared to the other top footballing continents globally. As a result, there is not much to go by in the history department. However, the league is becoming much more exciting every year, and rivalries are forming all over. 

One thing that makes the league fun is that the teams are closely matched. Therefore, we get many close ties that don’t give away many goals. In that case, it is what we enjoy watching once the season starts because we know that the teams play incredibly well.   


In the goals department, the MLS is not straightforward as there are teams that tend to score a lot and concede plenty. However, more teams have better defensive structures, making it hard for the opposition to get a goal. As a result, we could say there is a balance between the teams. Therefore, the scoring aspect of the league is average.

However, the average team in the league can rack up to 30 goals in a season. In this regard, it is not too terrible, although getting a team to reach 100+ goals doesn’t seem likely, unlike European leagues that have witnessed that a lot. 


We don’t necessarily have tough matches in the league that is publicized over others because the teams have been evenly matched, and there’s a healthy rotation. Aside from the El Trafico between LA Galaxy and Los Angeles FC and the Texas classic between FC Dallas and Houston Dynamo. There’s not much to go by in terms of derbies. 

However, we have rivalry cups happening across the country, with many involving teams from and outside the league. Some of the most notable are the Cascadia Cup, Rocky Mountain Cup, Pioneer Cup, and Heritage Cup.

Understanding Records and Points Spreads

Records are now part of the league with the different derby cups and rivalry springing up across the league, with many teams having a special attachment to particular ties. We now have records to look at whenever there is a need to analyze a matchup, and these records impact other parts of the league. 

MLS Records

Since the start of the league, there have been records indicating how a particular team fares against others. In some cases, these teams have more records with specific clubs, showing that they are rivalries. In addition, we can separately look at the Western and Eastern conferences to tell how the teams will play each other, 

Since the league is divided, the rivalries are usually conference-based. Therefore, there is not much to go with in terms of inter-conference records. So, when you want to check, and the teams involved are from different conferences, you might have to look to other areas.  

Points Spreads

Sports betting sites use point spread options to keep the tie somewhat balanced. To determine this spread, the oddsmakers use the records they get from each match in addition to other metrics to determine the favorites and underdogs. Once that is done, the favorites get the – indicator, while the underdog gets the + indicator. 

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